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Oxfam Hongkong

Oxfam Hong Kong is an independent and relief agency based in Hong Kong. It works with poor people regardless of race, sex, religion or politics in their struggle against poverty, distress and suffering. Its vision is for a world where people are equally assured of their rights with dignity and respect, including access to food, shelter, employment and health care, in a sustainable manner. Oxfam Hong Kong is a member of OXFAM International.



Set up in 1976, Oxfam Hong Kong works in partnership with poor people in long-term development work as well as in emergency responses to disasters. Its goal is to enhance people’s capacity to improve their own lives, to gain better access to resources and to help them fight poverty. It believe that one of the most important elements in society is participation – the knowledge, hard work and resourcefulness of the people themselves are vital ingredients in finding long-lasting solutions to solve often age-old problems.



Nature of oxfam’s Project: To the best of our knowledge, Oxfam Hong Kong supports projects of the following nature:

1)  Organizing Marginalized People

Oxfam Hong Kong encourages the active participation of marginalized people. We therefore support projects that are initiated by the communities themselves or by local groups representing their interests, and projects that utilize organizing as a major working strategy.


2) Advocacy and Public Education

Oxfam Hong Kong supports advocacy projects that aim to address poverty and injustice and to bring about positive change in actualizing basic rights and in improving the socio-economic status of target beneficiaries, at the policy level and/or in society in general. Such advocacy activities include campaigns, media work, lobbying, network-building and research. It supports Public Education Projects aimed at raising awareness of the people.


3) Livelihood Development

Oxfam Hong Kong supports income-generation and livelihood development activities that bring positive changes to the economic situation of target beneficiaries.


4)  It also supports projects on the issues of Women’s empowerment, environment, appropriate technology and on emergency & humanitarian assistance during some disasters.


In India, OXFAM Hong Kong is at present directly working in Uttranchal State only, while it is supporting other members of OXFAM International e.g. OXFAM, Community Aid Abroad in Maharashtra & Gujrat, OXFAM G.B. in Rajasthan & Orissa etc.


It has no office in India, though there is a representative in India, looking working through his home. For more details please contact the H.Q. or go through the website mentioned below –



OXFAM Hong Kong, l7/F, China United Centre, 28, Marble Road, North Point, Hong Kong Tel.: 00852 2520 2525 Fax: 00852 2527 6307, E-mail : [email protected]  Website :