Government Funding

To get funds and grant Schemes for NGO from Government, Government Ministries, Government Departments and Public Sectors there are certain rules, terms, regulations and parameters based on the some certain required criteria.

First the Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) must be registered and empaneled in the Niti Ayog and the NGO must have Unique ID after getting empaneled. According to the Government directives and order the NGO must be registered if it wants to get and approval of the funds and grants under Central or State Government Ministries, Departments or Government agencies. This is the mandatory order of Government of India to get the registration and Unique ID Number from NGO Darpan: Order. This is the website of NGO Darpan of Government of India to get Unique ID: NGO Darpan Website. You can check the process here to get registration in NGO Darpan here: NGO Darpan Registration Process.

What are basic Terms, Regulations and Requirements to get Government Funding after getting approval of the Project Proposals from Government of India and other state Government Ministries, Departments and Agencies:
(All the below mentioned informations are not applicable for all or few departments, ministries and agencies of all state Governments. More more clarification you have to clear from the concerned Department, Ministry or Agency who is providing approval and have provision of Funding Projects to NGOs.)

Apply for Government Grants/Funding

If you want to get Government Funding Projects then you should login and have go to in the “Apply for Grant” link in the Darpan site and proceed further by clicking on the available links of various Ministries. Then proceed for submission of the project proposal as per the given guidelines of that particular pages of concerned Ministries/Departments. If you need Consultancy support for preparation of projects for Grant and other required applicable documents as per the guidelines of different Ministries and Departments then you can contact to NGO Consultancy for Documentation and prepared Project submission process. NGO Consultant can do and guide how, where, when and what are the documents are to be prepared and submitted. Recommended NGO Consultancy Service.