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NGO Registration
NGO Registration
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NGO Consultancy

Why to Register NGO

Why social workers need to register their Group, Organisation Voluntary Organisation, People’s Organisations Non Profit Organisation (NPO)/ Non Governmental Organisation (NGO)
In our society if we are doing social, voluntary, charitable, welfare, development work and activities then can do at our own level and along with like minded persons then we do not need and we do not have to register  the group to perform social service. In case if we are working with or we want to work with any social organisation/NGO then we can do social or voluntary service without our responsibilities for the resources, if we are not reliable for manage it and associated in the management team of the organisation. And if someone or some people are doing voluntary, social work and social service then initially the required resources can be managed by their own capacities, with the help of the persons and contributions of their like minded persons or some organisations. But the social workers, social activists or volunteers want to plans to form an organisation then they have to register it legally as a registered organisation.
Sometimes we want to organise and run social development programmes, projects and activities then there must be a legal registered status of the organisation in which or under which we want or planning to work. Initially we can run and organise programmes at our level but if we want to run, manage, operate and organise the programmes at vast and broader level then we have to make a team and group. And the team and group of people must be formed as a registered organisation/body if we are planning or we want more resources for the organisation and if we want to work in more organised way. Many persons are involved in many social development programmes and activities in rural and urban areas individually, with other organisations/NGOs but in some areas where there is no such NGO or organisation already working or working according to the parameters of the people want to provide social service in their sector or the group of people or any individual persons want to start their own social entrepreneurship so they have to register the organisation. And the organisation can be registered as NGO.

Why we have to register organisation even when we are capable to run and organise the programmes and social activities without the registration?
Due to many issues, reasons and circumstances we have to get registered to our organisation just due to some certain reasons:

  • When any person or a group of persons working and raising funds and getting donations for their task then for the accountability there must be a legal status of the organisation.
  • When we need assets for the social task we are performing or actively associated with the group and organisation then the assets or resources can be gained or received individually from others if any organisation is not registered.  But when the organisation is registered then the assets and resources can be received in the name of the organisation. It is well known that the registration status leads to the development of systematic thinking and functioning of the NGO.
  • There are certain ethical, social and legal regulations and rules of society, if we are working as a social group or organisation then we have to follow them, in this case the registration matters.
  • If we want to get funds and money to run, organise and manage programmes and activities then we have to save and deposit the fund and money in bank account according to social and legal parameters. To open a bank account it is compulsory to have a registration of the body or organisation according to bank laws and parameters. The banks need registered oraganisation’s memorandum, registration certificate resolution to open, manage and handle the bank account and transactions of bank account of the organisation.
  • If some people or group of people want resources, money and funds from the support organisations, funding organisation, government bodies/miniseries/corporations/departments then the organisation must be registered along with their required agendas and parameters whatever can be.
  • If the organisation/NGO want funds from foreign funding agencies or foreign supporters then the NGO must be registered to get the certificate to get the foreign funding. The certificate to get foreign funding is required temporary prior permission or permanent registration under Foreign Contribution  Regulation Act (FCRA) and it is provided by Home ministry according to certain rules and formalities. So if NGO want to get FCRA so apply for the FCRA registration, the applicant NGO must be registered.
  • If the NGO wants Tax rebate for its own fund that is deposited in bank or to provide Tax exemption to the donors then registration from Income Tax department is necessary. To get the Tax exemption certificate under 12 A and 80 G then it must be registered NGO.
  • So the registration decides the status of NGO and it is the base to get help from all kind of required and relevant registration authorities, funds and support from the relevant departments, available opportunities for legally registered organisations, technical support and rebates to get resources, assets, equipment and commodities
  • It is clear that a NGO as registered organisation more opportunities and credibilities to get fund from the funding agencies those who want to provide certain limit of funds to certain registered NGOs. The individuals or not registered groups can get a limited funds or resources if any funding agency have such options to provide funds; but in case of registered and recognised NGO, there are more options to get the funds for which the NGO is formed. Registered NGO can obtain legal status get funds in order to enable them to interact at the official level among donors and funding partners.
  • If the organisation is registered as NGO and want support to run it like a change making organisation then the beneficiaries and funding agencies require its mission statement, vision, aims, objects and programmes and projects on which it wants to implement the aims and objects. The mission, vision, aims, objects, targets are part of the memorandum of the registered organisation. The Memorandum of Article is included with the Bye-laws, applicable rules and regulations of the certain acts and laws under which the NGO is to be register or registered. The registered NGOs has to manage its profile, programme and activity reports, annual activity reports, financial, income and audit reports that include income and expenditure resources, management of NGO to maintain the record of programmes and meetings by maintaining the register of minutes of the General Board/Body, Executive Board/Body those endorse and manage the the NGO and other assets, resources and documents.

To register an NGO is not a big matter but how it is registered and under which act and laws it is registered and what aims, objects and bylaws are included to register the NGO it matters most. After registering it is a social entrepreneurship to manage and run the organisation with its predecided and ongoing targets and new challenges. To run a profitable business and to run an non-profit organisation takes almost same process to run and mange it with certain obligations associated with registration. The main difference is that in profitable business the owner, proprietor, partner or director can get profit but in Non-Profit Organisation the members or formers can not get profits but the income or any earning have to contribute and provide to the reliable beneficiaries for social and public charitable purpose.
After establishing an NGO it is necessary to manage and maintain it and in that process it include many thing such as reporting to the authorities and government bodies/ministries/corporations/departments, keeping detailed and transparent record of social activities, income and financial activities, income and expenditure records, establish, set up and manage offices, organise programme/activity centers and other required resources that are applicable according to tasks, programmes and related issues.

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