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NGO Registration
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NGOs India : NGO Resource Centre for NGOs of India – To support NGOs

NGO Information and NGO Resource Centre
NGOs India is an Information Resource Centre for Non Governmental Organisations (NGO), Non Profit Organisations (NPO), Voluntary Organisations and Social Organisations for sharing and dissemination of available Information Resources of the social and development sector. Social activists, stakeholders, volunteers, social service organisations and other beneficiaries including Organisations and social workers from India and other countries can get the information resources to develop and strengthen their organisation. They can use these resources to know about all kind of process about establishment, formation, registration, and management of NGOs. This can help them implement the work processes for which information and knowledge are required. NGOs India supports who support others for social welfare and social development purpose. The support is for Information Resources dissemination and guidance.

Visions and Mission of NGOs India

NGOs India is committed to social justice, sustainable development, and human rights. The right to communicate freely is a basic human right and a necessity for sustainable development. Access to information is essential to informed decision-making at all levels.
NGOs India is committed to the dissemination of Information Resources and promotion of sustainable development initiatives, in response to the needs of under-represented and marginalized sectors of society. For bridging the data gap and improving information availability NGO network is committed to develop and establish an ideal medium for the Participation and exchange of a trusted and accurate source of quality information.

Role of Social Activists and NGOs in Development Process of Society

The Development as permanent change is possible with changes in the socio-economic condition of society, that is largely the responsibility of Government but at the part of non-governmental effort, the civilians and citizens can act as makers of social change. Changes at a small level are possible through positive change by participating in decision making process through welfare programmes and activities. The social activists, social groups as NGO can play a vital role to push the development process partially and practically at their part. They can work to implement result oriented stable socio-economic change making initiatives at an ideological level, and also affect the policy making and implementation processes. Though the development of society is a part of the regular development process of civilizations but to keep the process going on to achieve the more better targets regularly without any conflicts and domination in society the social activist civilians and group of the change makers as NGO have to regularly play the vital role in the completion of the process. The change makers who think to establish a well developed society are leaders and the like minded people who think and want to do same can be the part of their team, they can mobilize and organise altogether as social positive change maker and move ahead. This is the way the positive social changes are possible in present and future time. To implement the social changes in the present strata of Society is present requirement, so the ideology can be different to implement it but the need to achieve the welfare of all and development of all is the common target of positive social change makers, and NGO concept is the part of this process. This is the main principal of the religion also- “sarvjan hitay – sarvjan sukhay“.

Authentic resource material, information and database
NGOs India is an online resource center for required resource materials, information and all kinds of concerned knowledge-based documents for NGOs. NGOs India provides the resource material where NGOs can find various options and opportunities to get useful and authentic information to achieve their aims and targets. Along with the resource material, NGOs India provides direct support and help for NGO Registration, NGO Management, to find and get Funding and financial Projects with the help of Consultants.
NGOs India guides and supports to get funds for all kinds of Social development issues to the NGOs practically and transparently working and following Credibility Parameters. On the online resource center, NGOs and their associates can find database and information about the funding schemes of Government Ministries, Government Departments, Public Sector Units, Indian Funding Agencies, Foreign Funding Agencies and Support Groups. The guidance and support is for certain NGOs and certain Social Activists are following Credibility Parameters and on certain Recognition Parameters only.

Networking among NGOs, activists to implement concepts and objects
NGOs India has been promoting and making resource and information collaborations for two decades with the creative and constructive networking among NGOs to develop the effective partnership so they can work to implement their objects to develop and improve the socio-economic status of the society. The Networking is for accessing, sharing and contributing resources, issues, information and to associate with other like-minded NGOs which are working on similar issues or other issues to improve the social development and living with healthy conditions. The Networking is for strengthening of NGOs and social organisations from improving their knowledge, identification about their tasks and programmes by getting and sharing the experience with the NGO partners in their certain relevant sectors.
NGOs India is dedicated, for a long time from capacity building of grassroots organisations and their activists to get funds and support so they can implement their projects and programmes through Information Resources, the available Resources at this single platform can help Charity organisations and groups of people to serve the society in a better way.

Network of Volunteers, Supports and NGOs
Many NGOs exist which do not have funds or do not want funds or want to work with more than their available resources, this is possible through Volunteers and support persons. NGOs India has been providing a network of Volunteers and the recognised NGOs who wish to work with Volunteers for social cause. NGOs India has been supporting the well recognised NGOs who are transparently working for social changes in the society and the Volunteers associated and working with such good NGOs feel satisfaction to contribute their time and resources in various sectors of the society.

Want to work as Volunteer -> Volunteer Opportunities

NGO : Non Governmental Organisation – Non Profit Organisation

Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) is a non profit social service voluntary organisation of community, persons, volunteers, civilians and citizens. NGO is registered at Government registering authorities but it is managed, operated and worked by its members and associated persons under and as per the rules, regulations and laws of the Government of that country but independently from government control. NGO is not a part and directly controlled and monitored by Government but works according to the policies of the Government more specifically for development and welfare of society, areas and communities as Governments use to work.

NGO works to improve the policies, enhances the work pattern, improves and implements the welfare and development schemes of Government and causes for human welfare. NGO can not be a part of Political party but works as organised civil society, as an organisation to advocate, promote and monitor the political working based on development of society with the human right issues, education, health, environment and other welfare and development causes, aims, objects and issues.
NGO operates, organises, manages, supports and runs programmes, activities, projects and works at local, regional, national and international level according to the requirements and operational capacity of the NGO.
Orientation based NGO runs, manages, supports, undertakes and implements Natural Resource Management, Empowerment, Social Development, Social Awareness, Political Awareness, Animal Welfare, Economic and Financial Development, Infrastructure Development, Improves and undertakes Livelihood programmes of communities, improves and maintains culture, improves and implements technological and science related tasks and programmes to improves the living of human beings. NGO Works and supports to govern and implement laws, works to create laws and policies for welfare and improvement of human life in mutual concern.

Reliability and Recognition for NGO

In the present conditional how to know that which is reliable and the actual organisation and who is the real social enter entrepreneurs you can trust upon as a real change maker who are working with a spirit, vision and mission to get any personal profit and benefit? Such people come from the society.  There are change makers and leader may be few but they can lead to the society in the real positive change making process and social development process. Only those real kind of social activists and social entrepreneurs deserves for such support and resources. Reliability matters most. Negative part is there is the Social and NGO sector. In the name of NGO many wants to utilise the resources for their own benefit we have to avoid such elements if we want to contribute our energy and useful resources for those we expect to share and support them to achieve their goals.

What are the parameters for the NGO Sector and Social Activists to get recognition and justify that it is true and correct? Answer is simple – What they claim for or claim about, that they are really following and truly  implementing in their own life, system, status and resources then they are real and recognised. The characters, qualities and parameters of any NGO and of its promoters, organisers, operators, managers and members – the social entrepreneurs and social activists who are doing, accepting, following, performing, implementing or in process to do so.
Credibility Parameters of NGO Recognition and Accreditation
Credibility Parameters to recognise Social Workers and NGO Members

What is NGO Know what is meaning of NGO and Type of NGOs.

NGO Registration

Many people including those of the new generation who wish to work to make social changes and for social welfare want to form and register NGOs so they can work in their relevant fields. NGOs India provides useful and authentic information, knowledge base and all kind of resources, options and opportunities for NGO Registration, NGO Support to get Funding and Projects and NGO management. NGOs India provides information regarding the recognised NGO Consultancy and NGO Consultants for NGO Registration service, NGO Funding Services and NGO Consultancy services.
If anyone needs NGO consultancy services for NGO Registration, funding, fund raising, project writing, project proposals, project formation, annual reports, NGO management, NGO operation and concept writing, you can contact to our recognised NGO Consultants and Consultancy Services. If any NGO needs to get help and information regarding NGO documentation, FCRA Registration process information and other kind of information for NGO formation to work among communities, just contact recognised NGO Consultants for your requirements to get help and support.
You must be clear that just after registration/formation of NGO or only registered NGO with no social work programmes and profile are not eligible to get funding from Government and Funding agencies.
If any recognised NGO need support for fundraising campaigns then recognised consultants team can help you with that and also on how you can start and operate fund raising campaigns. If a team of social activists who are part of an active NGO want to get funds for running their project and process they can get funds, in this regard please contact our recognised NGO Consultancy team. If you are looking and expecting to do something at change making process then you have to do it at professional part have to take the services of professionals.

NGO – Trust or Society

Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) or Non Profit Organisation (NPO) can be registered by many registration processes in India like Society, Company, Trust or any valid formation but status of the registered organisation is equal and equally recognised as NGO (Non Governmental Organisation /Non-Profit Organisation). Registration process of NGO under Indian Trust Act, Society Registration Act, Company Registration Act or any other act/ law are different but the status of the registered organisation is equal as NGO. There is no difference in the status of NGO to get funding from Central/State Government Departments/ Ministries, Foreign funding agencies, Indian funding agencies, companies for Corporate social responsibility, individuals or any support agencies.
NGO registered through any process/ act can get registered under Income Tax Act, Foreign Currency Regulation Act (FCRA) or any kind of registration with any Government requirement. Every registered NGO are not eligible for the registration under various departments’ registration. The NGO must fulfill the registration process and parameters as required by the concerned department or authority. But the basic registration parameters do not matter that by which act the Voluntary Organisation is registered as NGO.

Just check here the comparison, difference and similarity between Trust, Society and Non Profit Company: Trust, Society and Company.
So now question is that how to register and under which act you have to register NGO? What kind of NGO is suitable to operate and manage? For answer and solution you can discuss with NGO Consultants at NGO

NGO Registration

What is Difference between Trust, Society and Non Profit Company

NGO Funding, Grants, Fundraising Support

We provide information support and help to raise funds to the deserving and well recognised NGOs. The support means the support at information and eligibility process part. We do not provide any fund or contact to provide fund from any agency, authority or fund provider donors. After getting the basic information the for project documentation and projects NGO management directly have to contact to the funding agencies through their allowed process, including the Government ministries, Private Funding Agencies or Companies provide funds under Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). NGO can prepare the projects at their part or can take consultancy service to prepare projects to get funds. The new NGOs and working NGOs which need financial support from the Government and private funding agencies so they can implement their concepts through the applicable process. NGOs India team and resource centre have been helping and supporting such persons who wish to form NGOs and want economical and other support with he help of projects and other support. At the online resource centre information regarding Funding agencies, Funding Schemes, Funding projects, Funding and other resourceful material regarding running, managing and implementation of concepts of social change by achieving funding and support of Volunteers is available and being updated from time to time.

Non Government Organisation (NGO) works as information resource centre who wish to or are practically involved individuals, groups and organisations for the social welfare and sustainable development. The main aim and objective of any NGO is same as the aim of Government for development of society. Governments have control on resources but the organisations formed and working for the welfare and development do not have resources so they have to arrange and manage resources. NGOs function for without any profit but can work with funds and financial resources in present system. So funding is the basic and main part to run and organise the programmes they use to work or want to work.
So if any NGO wants to work with capacity it needs to get grants from various sources. NGOs can get grant from various sources, individual donors, foundations, corporations and Governments. Funding sources for NGO include membership fees, private donations, public donations, grants from local, national and foreign funding agencies, philanthropic foundations, Government funding schemes, sale of products and services and CSR funds from private corporate sector companies. NGO requires funds for the required resources for the Project implementation, operations, salaries and other overhead costs. Fundraising efforts are necessary for existence, operation of programmes and success in the aims of NGO.
Funds can be received under the various Funding Schemes.

  • Funding Schemes of Central Ministries of Government of India
  • Funding Schemes Government of India
  • Funding Schemes of Foreign Funding Agencies
  • Funding Schemes of Private Funding Agencies
  • Funding Schemes of State Governments
  • CSR Funding Schemes

NGOs India recommends its associates, recognised NGO Consultancy service providers for NGO Registration, NGO Funding and other required support. If the social activists and any social group is looking for social change making then they have to take support and services of professional Consultants. NGO Consultancy

NGO Resources in States