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Key Architect designed Transformative Resources

Ritu Raj is the key architect, catalyst, entrepreneur and creative personality who planned, designed, implemented the Transformative Pioneering Resources Innovation of The aim and mission to develop and provide the resource centre is information dissemination to make capable to social entrepreneurs, social activists, volunteers and their supporters.   Ritu Raj is not only an eminent writer and concerned social sector consultant with in-depth knowledge of social sector and media but also a writer, journalist social activist and spiritual consultant of our age. He played a role in actively participating as social activist and media person in the movements of implementing the ‘Right to Information Act’ in India, ‘Lake Authority Act’ in Rajasthan, Right to Education and many other social movements. If the required information is available to decide what they want and can do then then the social change makers can do what they want in their available resources and to improve more resources to get their targets. This is is main basic aim to provide the Information Resources through The information resources are supportive in their task and mission if they are capable enough but they should take consulting service if they want to establish, run and manage the social change maker group and organisation as NGO/NPO as the registered entity.
As a consultant with the remarkable efforts Ritu Raj is dedicated to promote people oriented social work entrepreneurship with social change making values and he concerns the social analyst as well.

As a writer his work is focused on realistic outlook of life. He makes more clear understanding on sensitive and burning issues and adds more value to creative aspects of life.
As a renowned author and journalist he always appears on national and international media with outstanding interventions in his own stream of writings.

As a socio-political activist with a vision and fire of social change in mind he has practical involvement and holistic approach towards the betterment of masses and quality life. This makes him a more powerful social catalyst than a thinker.

As a person he is very good friend. He is dedicated to his targets and the commitments that makes him a distinguished. His thoughts and the way he implements them always give energy and inspire the friends, followers and all those others who know him. His virtue and attribute makes him the pioneer at all the domains, he intervenes in.

Ritu Raj stands out not only as an eminent writer and social activist but also as a leading voice in social entrepreneurship. With a firm commitment to fostering innovative solutions, he engages diverse communities in active participation for societal transformation. His initiatives bridge the gap between policy and grassroots implementation, impacting community welfare and social justice substantially.

Moreover, the literary works of Ritu Raj inspire emerging writers and activists, equipping them with the courage to address complex societal challenges through powerful narratives. His books and articles reflect societal truths and connect with readers across geographical and cultural boundaries, advocating for a world rooted in equity and compassion.

As a speaker, Ritu Raj is recognized for his eloquent and persuasive discourses, which resonate at various prestigious forums. He articulates the nuances of social issues and their potential solutions with clarity and empathy, enhancing his role as a thought leader and amplifying his influence to mobilize a broader audience toward sustainable social change.

As a spiritual consultant Ritu Raj has a clear ideology and vision that the Non Profit Social Service Organisation (NGO) and Hindu Sanatan Religion are based on the basic concept and principle that is “Sarv jan hitay sarv jan sukahay” means “Welfare of all and Progress of all People”. Due to following this principle the Non Profit Social Service Organisations (NGOs/NPOs) are known as Charitable and Religious Organisations. The basic principle and ideology of the socio-political groups is also based on this concept that they need welfare of all. Whatever may be they way and path but the aim and goal of the positive ideologies are to make positive social changes and develop the society with equality and welfare of all.

In personal interactions, Ritu Raj is equally impactful. His approachable demeanor and genuine interest in individual stories make him a cherished figure among peers and mentees. He nurtures a vast network across various sectors, fostering collaborations that extend the reach of his visionary ideas. This personal engagement underscores his effectiveness as a leader and change maker in the dynamic field of social reform.

Though there is a team of social entrepreneurs, social activists, writers, legal consultants, tax consultants, and social service sector volunteers to update the NGO Information Resource Centre, Ritu Raj is the key person who has been playing a leading role regularly initiating, designing, and implementing the NGO Resource Centre.