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Changes required for Registration Administration of NGOs

Planning Commission (Niti Ayog) has organised a research on the Registration and Administration of Charity Organisation (NGOs) in India.  In the research report the reviews and suggestions about the existing institutional framework, which administers charity law in India is described in detail. In the research report the suggestions and recommendations are provided to institutions to play effectively its role in nation building. In the research of Planning Commission it is suggested to make changes and make additions/rectifications at policy part for the registration and compliance of laws for NGOs and their administration.
The research is organised and reported on the basis of an all India study, makes suggestions on how the objectives can be met more effectively through reform in the existing institutional framework or through alternative legal and institutional arrangements.
As we observe in the present scenario it is clear that some of the NGOs who are working based on the finding and expectations given in the report who are proceeding further in socially well organised manner and in transparent way and other NGOs who are not aware they have to follow. May be such NGOs are aware or not aware of this report but their working parameters are according to the expectation and requirements as expected in social sector for social, volunteer and charity organisations.
This research report is not for the rest of the organisations those are just formed for certain undeclared purpose beyond legal and ethical criteria and after formation these are not working according to their declared objectives.

The research of Niti Ayog is still emerged as a report but still it is not implemented at Government Part to dissemination of the findings of the research.

Charities Administration in India : Research Report

A Review of Charities Administration in India

Research Report by Planning Commission (Niti Ayoga) of India.