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Grant and Funding Support Provider Organisations of India for NGOs
Here is the list of main Funding Agencies and Organisations that provide grant and financial support to the Non Governamental Organisations (NGOs) / Non Profit Organisations (NPOs) in India. The following is the list of International Funding Agencies (Foreign Funding Agencies), Donors, Philanthropy groups, Charity Organisations, Grant and Funding Agencies and Organisations are the Private Funding Agencies of India, Foreign Funding Agencies along with State/ Central Ministries of Government of India and public sector organisations that are granting funds and financial support to NGOs. The funding agencies and grant supporters provide funds according to their guidelines, terms and conditions in certain pre-decided parameters. Most of the funding agencies provide funding to the grass-root level NGOs who really work for social sector, social causes, entrepreneurship and associated with welfare programmes. does not endorse or recommend any agency or organisation for any purpose, the information is for contact purpose only, assuming that the enlisted agencies and organisations support and help volunteers, NGOs and groups for their social cause or entrepreneurship.

Foreign Funding Agencies & Grant Donor Organisations

The following Agencies are currently working and supporting NGOs in India:

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