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There many funding options and opportunities for the real NGOs who are already working for Social Development, Social Welfare and on Social issues having remarkable profile to prove that they can run the projects and programmes after getting funds from Government, Funding agencies, Funding partners and People.
We would like to provide you information and knowledge regarding NGO Fund raising, Process to get Projects with Funds, Process to prepare projects, process to implement projects and programmes and process to prepare documents for various projects, activities, programmes and profiles.

NGO Funding Resources : Funds for NGO (Non- Governmental Organisation)

If you want to get Fund, Financial Support and Funding Help for your NGO (Non Governmental Organisation) then just passthrough the following points. Just read and know how to get Funds and Financial Help for your NGO.

How and Who can get Grants and Funding
NGOs are eligible to get grants and financial funding from various funding agencies and Government ministries if the following terns and documents are complete:
Registered Voluntary Societies, Public Charitable Trusts and Non-Profit Companies are eligible to get grants under funding schemes of Government and Private Sector.
1. NGO must registered with proper Constitution and Memorandum of Articles.
2. NGO should be with a properly formed Governing and Executive Body who can manage the organisation with certain powers and duties that are clearly mentioned in the Memorandum.
3. NGO must must not be in such condition that it is running as a organisation in the commercial benefit of any person or group.
4. NGO must be secular and democratic, and it must not discriminate any person or group of persons on grounds of sex, caste, creed, religion or area.
5. NGO can not directly work as a political group or work for the interest of any political party.
6. NGO and its members must be Non-proselytic, they must not promote any religion.
7. NGO must Eschew violence.
8. NGOs have good profile that shows its activities and programmes organised on social social issues and its involvement in supporting needy individuals and its association with voluntary agencies and Social Activist groups.
9. NGO must be able to demonstrate that it can do what it is expecting funds for; it can be proved by the previously performed activities and programmes of NGO to employ creative resources to become visible and build its profile as a reliable and strong.
10. If NGO wants to get funds from private and international grant agencies then NGO has to prove with a track record of successfully implemented projects and budget is administered correctly.
11. How NGO can be applicable to get funds, it has to get experience from other NGOs working in the area with similar aims and goals. The members of NGO have to meet relevant NGO members and discuss on the work and programmes, activities they are doing nad what can be done. Members who are operating and managing Non Profit Social Voluntary Organisation must always keep in mind that other organisations and members of social organisations working in civil society are like minded partners and not competitors like in any kind of for profit business. The collaboration with other NGO is always vital for the future plans and to get projects.
10. The members and operators has to be clear that why NGO is formed and why they want to implement the proposed aims and ideas of the Organisation. Members of NGO have to meet members of other organisations and discuss the ideas for which they have formed the NGO. Take feedback on the ideas and ask them to help you in developing strategies to run the organisation and how to get and ensure financial sustainability. This way the NGO can good ideas to get and raise fund.
12. If NGOs want to prepare proposals for the grant projects they can get help other NGO partners or NGO Consultants to prepare and draft project proposals with suitable grant budget. If the NGO is with a strong profile then it will be easy to approve the project to receive grants.

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