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Role of Cast and Community Organisation as Social Change Maker

How Cast, Community and Religion based Organisations and Unions can work for uplifting the society as Social Change maker by establishing Social Responsibility Cells?

How NGO and Social Activists can play a positive social change maker role by associating, communicating, motivating and inspiring cast and community based organisations to established as and to work as Social Responsibility Cells?

There are various committees, organisations and groups of different religions, castes and creeds working to uplift their subjects. These groups and organisations conduct social programmes in which the society, caste and religion play a peculiar role. Many organisations belonging to different castes/ religions have performed a significant role in abhorring dowry system and creating awareness about this evil prevalent even in today’s world. These organisations encourage and even organise community marriages where marriages are solemnised in minimum expenses even though all the customs are followed whole heartedly. This is an exemplary effort that inspires others to do something for the betterment of their society.

Casts and community groups are limited to castism and communal sector
However, at certain levels sometimes these community/ religion/ caste based organisations do not adhere to the ethical and moral conducts. In such cases, these organisation need to be reprimanded by the law as well as society in general. Some of the caste based/ religious organisations are guilty of siding with the wrongdoers among them solely because they are of the same community/ religion which are of course wrong. Some even go to the extent of attacking, maligning other communities, religion, caste and creeds all the while claiming themselves to be the best servers of humanity. Such organisations often try to hijack basic human rights of others who do not belong to their circle. Main motive of people behind these activities is to benefit themselves and their own people even if it requires harming other’s interests. To achieve this aim they try to dominate and impose themselves in the prevalent social and political environment- from here starts the conflicts between their interests versus the welfare and harmony of the society as an integrated unit. This disintegration of society is harmful for the peace and well being of every person whether it is the person from another community or the same one. Chaos and hatred harms individuals as well as families, entire community and society.
Thus, there is a need to channel the energy of caste/ communities based organisations into constructive purposes and divert their attention towards the actual problems prevalent in society that need to be addressed immediately.

How to convert and motivate the cast and community based organisations for welfare of the members of their own cast and community?
If you are thinking as a social activists and social change maker then you can think about the whole society. By reviewing the present circumstances you can get an insight into the role of such organisations and how they should redefine it to make the society a better place to live in. When seen with a broad vision we realise that welfare and upliftment of the society starts from our own house, group, community, religion, state and country. This approach transcends into the welfare of other groups, communities, religions, states and countries. Progress of our country depends upon how effectively we are able to incorporate this approach right at the grass root level. Sustainable development enriched with peace and harmony is possible only if this line of thought is propagated forward. Changes are not brought forth overnight; they require patience and constant efforts of every individual. Keeping this viewpoint in mind, every organisation (irrespective of the caste/ creed or religion they are working for) should move ahead. Given below are some suggestions that these organisations should incorporate. We believe that knowledge multiplies itself if shared among the people freely; hence you can share these suggestions with the organisations you know to enable them into increasing their impact.

The motivational guidance and suggestions for implementation are:

  1. Motivate and eEncourage children of your community/ society to study. For this you can chalk out agenda during the community meetings and conduct surveys to know about the families whose children are unable to attend schools. You can sponsor their education by organising crowd funding within your community in case the parents or families of children are unable to afford one.
  2. Organise ceremonies to recognise, patronize and promote talented individuals of your community. This is a very effective tool in inspiring others to achieve similar success and encourage the existing ones into achieving more milestones. This will even give a platform to various talented individuals among your community to come forward and display their talent. Community can organise workshops; training sessions increase the skills of their youth. This will give the students an opportunity to learn more apart from the limited opportunities that their schools and colleges might be offering. Their chances of being employed increases.
  3. Community can form an information cell that shares information about various government jobs and private jobs among the youth. They must contain and share data like current job openings, last date to fill forms, eligibility criteria, results etc.
  4. Community should come together to form a wing that encourages start-up culture among young generation and helps young entrepreneurs by providing easy loans, micro funding etc. Such organisations can guide these talented youngsters about making best use of their skill and knowledge according to the prevalent circumstances. Upliftment of younger generation leads to the welfare of the entire community.
  5. Community can form an information broadcasting cell to share the data accumulated from various sources like Government, information sharing with other communities, Non-Governmental Organisations etc.
  6. Community can make efforts to help its members to gain benefits of various Government schemes. This can be done by educating them about various schemes, their eligibility and requirements like documentation to avail benefits. Sometimes, few corrupt officials sitting at important government posts can pose trouble in getting access to such benefits. Combined community efforts force them to bow down in front of organised power of masses which in turn enables the rightful candidates to access the benefits they are rightfully entitled for.
  7. Solemnising a marriage has become a very costly affair these days. To ease the burden, community can organise cultural programmes from time to time where youngsters can meet each other. Communities can even formulate a separate cell that keeps record of eligible bachelors and provides various platforms to let them communicate with each other. This will help families in searching bride/ bridegroom as per their needs and wishes even across the other states/ in the entire country.
  8. Since ages many communities have been organising community marriages where many couples tie the holy thread of matrimony. Such events save a lot of money and help people with weak economic background to ease their burden by marrying at relatively much lower costs. These functions should be encouraged across all communities. Representatives of various communities can hold meetings to share their experiences among themselves and evolve various strategies to propagate this concept and idea.
  9. Community can work efficiently to promote harmony among families even after marriage. Counseling cell of community can guide and counsel members of family to promote harmony among themselves in case of disputes, suggest ways to solve an existing family crisis, address issues that might be getting ignored by a member of the family but is relevant to the other one. In case one party is residing at another city then members of community at that place can interact with the ones at the other end to solve a crisis.
  10. Members of the community can join hands to increase their efforts in letting others gain access to government schemes, avail loans from Government/ private banks. Sometimes individuals face difficulty in getting their loans passed but if the community cooperates it becomes easy. Community can also provide information about the banks that are friendly and have transparent procedure of passing a loan.
  11. Community can even set up a loan fund to finance deserving candidates.
  12. Communities can organise health checkup camps fortnightly, half yearly or yearly to promote awareness about health and encourage people to make healthy life choices. Community members can help their peers who are from weak economic background to avail Government health benefits. They can even formulate a Non-Governmental Organisation to help such candidates receive medical aid at much lower or negligible costs.
  13. There are certain diseases which cannot be treated at Government Hospitals or require huge amount of money for treatment. Their diagnosis, medicines, treatment all cost high and sometimes the sufferer has to sell his property to afford it. In such cases, community can help them by crowd funding, or help them gain access to medical aid being provided by NGOs working in this field or even provide them loan. In Delhi and in Rajasthan in Government hospitals the treatments are free or at low cost but community based organisation can better guide and help to the patients of their own community. Community based organisations can also guide in better way about the free health and medical facilities provided at Government hospitals.
  14. There are some private hospitals providing health care benefits and medical aid at relatively much lower costs. Their main aim is public welfare. Communities can keep a record of such hospitals and provide information about them to the needy candidates. They can even take help of NGOs to access such information.
  15. In every community there are some unfortunate senior citizens who have nobody to take care of them. Communities can come forward to establish full time or part time old age homes for them where they can live the rest of their lives peacefully. They can even motivate community members to donate in cash or kind for such old age homes to provide facilities like medical aid, healthy foods, clothing etc.
  16. An affluent community can help other not so fortunate communities to rise; after all, a country develops when the overall human development index rises.
    These affluent communities can assist others by proving monetary or material support to others like education, medical aid, jobs, skill enhancement training etc.
    Even trade unions can come forward and establish social responsibility cells that provide money, guidance and support for the welfare of society. Such trade unions have people from all communities that transcends into equal benefits for all, thus, promoting harmony in the society.

We do not justify and recognise the structure of the orgaisations in our society is to be based on and limited up to the cast or community or religion but if the existing cast and community based organisations and jati samooh, jati samaj or groups can work to improve the members of their own family, community and sector then it will lead to the welfare of society as whole. To motivate and convert the cast and sector based organisations as Social Responsibility Cell organisation will lead their work in positive welfare direction.

Read in Hindi : जाति, समुदाय और धर्म के संगठन किस तरह से कर सकते है समाज के विकास, कल्याण और उत्थान के लिए सकारात्मक परिवर्तनकारी कार्य.