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NGO Registration
NGO Registration
NGO Consultancy
NGO Consultancy

NGO Partnership Registration

To get Projects for funds from Government of India Registration with NITI Ayog is mandatory

Registration Process is not regular Process. The Servers of NGODarpan.Gov.In are not in regular working condition. It is not sure upto when it will work fine.

If you want to register to get Unique ID then you can proceed here:


If Registration is possible then following registration process here:

Process for Registration and to get Unique Identification Number for the NGO partnership system with Planning Commission of India (NITI Ayog):

NITI Ayog (Planning Commission of India) invites all Voluntary Organisations / Non – Governmental Organisations / Non – Profit Organisations to Signup and get Registration on the NGO partnership system (NGO-PS) at the following website:

Requirement and Documents Required for Registration with NITI Ayog and to get Unique Identification Number:

  • Name of Non Profit Organisation/ NGO
  • Name of Chief Functionary of NGO
  • Name of Chairman / President
  • Name of Secretary
  • Name of Treasurer
  • Name of of all Members of NGO
  • Name of City, District and State of Registration of NGO
  • FCRA Registration details (If NGO has FCRA)
  • Sector/ Key Issues – Write the names of  issues on which you are working or wish to work (Education, Health, Environment, Women Development, Child Development, Welfare of Old Aged Persons, Welfare of Physically Challenged Persons – Divyangjan, Animal Welfare, Natural Resource Management, Rural Development, Human Rights, Welfare of Minority Community, Awareness of Social Issues, Advocacy and Lobbying, Natural Calamities, Livelihood, Yoga, Sports, Legal Aid, Skill Development, De-addiction, Micro Finance and other issues.)
  • Operational area of Society: State and District wise names of thee areas  in which NGO is working.
  • Achievements – Detail information of the of achievements of NGO from the Programmes and  activities performed.
  • Contact Details of NGO and all members
    • Complete Address along with Pincode
  • Telephone with STD code (If NGO has Telephone)
  • Mobile numbers
    • Mobile number of NGO (Official Number of Chief Functionary)
    • Mobile Number of All Members and Office Bearers
  • Emails
    • Email Address of NGO
    • Email addresses of All Members and Office Bearers
  • Website of NGO (if there is- in not then not applicable)
  • Copy of Memorandum/ Articles of Association of Society/ Trust/ Company
  • Copy of Registration Certificate of NGO
  • Copies of Certificates like 80 G, 12 AA and other Certificates if NGO has any of them.
  • Copy of PAN Card of Society
  • PAN card numbers and Copies of PAN cards of All Members and Office Bearers of NGO
  • Aadhaar card numbers and Copies of Aadhaar cards of All Members and Office Bearers of NGO
  • The aims, objectives with  information about Programmes, Activities and Projects
  • Some other information is also required.

NGO Partnership is a free facility provided by Government of India at the planning Commission of India (NITI Ayog) to bring about partnership between Government and the voluntary sector Non (Governmental Organizations) and foster better transparency, efficiency and accountability.
After getting Registration with NGO Partnership NGOs will be enable for following options and facilities:
• To get details of existing VOs/NGOs across India.
• To get details of grant schemes of key Ministries/Departments of Government of India.
• NGO can apply online for NGO grants of Government of India. As it is compulsory to have registration with NGO Partnership to get approval for grants from any Government Ministry or Government Department.
• NGO management can track status of application of NGO for grants from Ministries/Departments of Government of India.
• Unique ID from Niti Ayog is required when FCRA Certificate is applied for NGO

.It must be clear that if any NGO is registered at NGO Partnership that does not imply that NGO is endorsed or recommended by NITI Aayog or by the concerned Ministries or Departments or Government Bodies. This registration is only for getting funding from Government Ministries and Departments, as it is necessary for that process. And all the registered NGOs at NGO Partnership will surely not get funds, only the selected NGOs can get grants; and it is upto the authorities of concerned Ministries or Departments or Government Bodies who section the grant..

(The above information is based on

[If you want to get Registration at NGO Partnership you can do at your part, or if you like to get help and Consultancy support service then you can contact to NGO Consultancy] [अगर आप अपने एनजीओ का एनजीओ पार्टनरशिप में रजिस्ट्रेशन करवाना चाहते है तो आप कर सकते है, और अगर इस बारे में मदद या कंसल्टेंसी सेवा लेना चाहे तो एनजीओ कंसल्टेंसी से संपर्क कर सकते है :]