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Madhya Pradesh

Madhya Pradesh NGOs

In Madhya Pradeshg the social issues like health, education, women and child development, employment etc. are very weak in the state especially in tribal dominant areas like eastern, western, southern part of the Madhya Pradesh. MP has large number of tribal population who are still far behind from the current time. Rural areas are still destitute in basic facilities and general needs. In the northern part of Madhya Pradesh gender discrimination and female foeticide is the major problem. The benefits of development is accrued by urban communities where as rural and tribal communities is remain far behind. The state has strong local self governance institutions in the form of Panchayats and Municipalities.

The economic conditions is not very good in Madhya Pradesh because most of people are dependent on agriculture. The infrastructural condition is also poor in the state. there are lacking of transportation facility, electricity, clean drinking water, sanitation, telephone and internet facilities. Although urban areas have little better accessibility of these facilities. The people of the state are facing many problems from basic needs to higher needs. such as low health facilities in the form of lack of health infrastructure like hospitality, medicines, trained staff etc., lack of education facilities, high level of illiteracy, gender inequality, environmental degradation, exploitation of tribal people by depriving them from their livelihood opportunities etc.

Many NGOs/NPOs/VOs are working with different Objectives and Issues such as Health, Education, Child Development, Women Empowerment, unemployment, Human Trafficking, Immigrant Issues, Poverty, Lack of opportunity for Income Generation, Physical and Mental Disability, underprivileged poor, needy and downtrodden people. In urban areas problem of slums, high level of urban waste, contaminated water, pollution of both water and air. Instead of all these problems the social workers and volunteers through NGOs, NPOs are working towards the elimination of these problems. The NGOs are working with the local people and Government and finding the way to struggle to resolve these problems.

NGOs are working on various issues mainly like health by organising programmes to solve health probems and awareness of HIV/AIDs, STDs, RTIs Communicable diseases seasonal medical problems and other related activities. Programmes have been organised for physical, mental and intellectual development of most deprived section of society. NGOs themselves and by collaborating with the schools running educational camps in villages and providing teaching facilities to children.
NGOs organise the camps and drive the campaigns to provide knowledge and aware the people about gender equality, women empowerment, child rights.

Some NGOs are providing vocational training to the people especially the youth of village and tribal area by which they could become self reliant by opening up their own business. Arranging the workshop for women for teaching the making of handicraft items by which they can generate some money for them. NGOs are running the projects for spreading the financial literacy by awakening people about the importance of self help group, small saving and Government schemes for providing financial assistance to rural people. Providing platform to rural people for sharing their ideas and views which could be beneficial for society. Through special camps in urban areas NGO spread awareness as using eco friendly products, sustainable use of natural resources and cause of environment sustainability.

Although so many NGOs and Social workers are working on various issues such as spreading awareness in Urban areas about using eco friendly products, promotion of non renewable energy sources like solar energy and generating the fund for poor people.

NGOs in Madhya Pradesh