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Dark and Light Blind Care – The Netherlands

“Every 5 seconds, one person in our world goes blind … and a child goes blind every minute”.

Dark and Light Blind Care helps visually impaired people in Africa and Asia, especially children, through prevention, treatment, education and vocational training.


History of the Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care

Almost 90% of the 45 million blind people in the world live in developing countries. Of the, at least 1,5 million are children. Only 2% of these children have access to some form of education. Not only do these children suffer from blindness, but in many countries these children are neglected, scorned, exploited and sometimes cast out by their parents and the people around them. In comparison to the very advanced means to aid the visually impaired in our country, the situation of the blind and visually impaired people in the third world courtiers often is very pitiable.

In order to approach this problem, the Foundation Dark & Light was formed by Dr. Martien Cozijnsen and his wife Jenny in the Netherlands. This small ‘family foundation’ has grown to become a professional foundation that has achieved a place in the world of the aid for visually impaired. It was the Biblical mission that drove the founders and is still the source of inspiration and basis for all activities of the foundation.

From this source of inspiration Dark & Light Blind Care aims specifically to assist blind and visually impaired children by means of projects that structurally improve their independence. This restriction is necessary in order to substantially be assistance. A wider work ground would imply a wide range of activities without a firm underground. An organisation with the extent of Dark & Light Blind Care is indebted to itself and those she aims to help to focus on a goal that is manageable without losing sight of the greater perspective of the problems in the third world countries.

Next to the projects in South East Asia, Dark & Light Blind Care is also involved in projects in approximately 27 countries in the Far East and Africa. It carries out projects of only a few thousand euros for a training but also projects of several hundred thousands of guilders for construction projects or assistance to organisations over a period of many years.

The Foundation Dark & Light Care has achieved a place in the world of aid to visually impaired people. A worth while place after 20 years of hard work by several people. Looking back we may state the work really has had some impact in the third world countries.



Foundation Dark & Light (founded 1982)

The method of work of the Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care is solely directed at projects which are professional and suited to the area and culture in which those needing help are to be found. Our people have a lot of experience in the problems of the developing world and insight into the possibilities of solving some of these problems.

Each project is unique, yet they have much in common: they are committed to structural improvement in the often ” desperate situation of the visually handicapped. Through long term planning we can guarantee that our projects are not superficial but aim to give effective, long-term eare. A project is only considered to be satisfactory closed when those being helped are themselves able to make effective use of the assistance and materials offered.

The Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care, founded in 1982, is based on Christian principles and vision. Care for others, certainly those who need help, is the motivation of all those involved in our work. Every visually handicapped person in the developing world belongs, in principle, to our target group, regardless of their religion, background, race, sex or political persuasion.

Dark & Light therefore aims to support :

  • Integrated education for children with visual impairment and assist projects to facilitate this type of education.
  • Orientation & Mobility Courses and training in daily living skills.
  • Community Based Rehabilitation and skill training for visually impaired adults.
  • The training of eye doctors, eye nurses and field workers and the establishment of specialised eye care centres.
  • Identification programmes and programmes for early intervention mainly focused on rural areas.
  • The prevention of blindness.
  • Projects for people with Low. Vision and for the multiple handicapped blind.


Address of Dark & Light Blind Care

Postal address:

Foundation Dark & Light Blind Care,

PO – Box 672,3900 AR Veenendaal,

Tel : +31-318-561501, Fax: +31-318-561577

The Netherlands




Vendelier 13,3905, PB Veenendaal

The Netherlands