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Concern Worldwide began in 1968 as a response of the people of Ireland to the famine in Biafra, the breakaway Eastern Region of Nigeria. Since then. Concern has grown to the point where it works in 30 countries with an annual budget of around Euro60 million. Funding to support Concern’s work, comes from a wide variety of sources including the general public in the countries where there are fund-raising offices, the Irish Government (Ireland Aid), British Government (DFID), the US Government (USAID), Birtish Government (DFID), the US Government (USAID), the European Union, the United Nations and many other donors.

Concern’s Mission

To enable absolutely poor people to achieve major improvements in their lives, which are sustainable without ongoing support from Concern. To this end we will work with the poor themselves and with local and international partners who share our vision to create just and democratic societies where the poor can exercise their fundamental rights.

To achieve its mission the organisation :

  • responds to people in a caring and personalised manner that emphasis’s their human and cultural dignity.
  • is prepared to work effectively in the most difficult of circumstances with poor people.
  • forms alliances and working arrangements with other organisations and government bodies.
  • balance enthusiasm and necessary risk-taking with prudent judgment and a professional approach.
  • uses creativity and pragmatism in the face of obstacles to its work.
  • engages in long term development work, responds to emergency situations, and undertakes development education and advocacy to those aspects of world poverty which require national or international action.

At the heart of Concern’s operations throughout the world is a spirit of enthusiasm and shared commitment on the part of all its staff. This spirit is also given expression by the enthusiasm and dedication of volunteers and supporters.

The approach has expanded, from providing relief directly to victims in emergencies, to include longer term development and advocacy work, the latter a reflection of Concern’s new ‘rights based’ approach. The predominant mode of working is now changing from direct implementation to working through partners. The five global areas of programme focus are Livelihood Security, Health, Primary Education, HIV/AIDS and Emergency Response.

Concern India Strategic Plan July 2002 – June 2005

Concern aims to identify ways of working within the overall strategy that maximise its ability to make a difference, while recognising that the organisation is a small player on a big stage. Key features of the strategy are :

Concern targets absolutely poor and vulnerable people in India.

Concern maintains a balance between emergency preparedness and response, long term development and advocacy work in India.

Concern’s work in India is focused upon :

  • livelihood security;
  • planning and governance for poverty alleviation;
  • emergency preparedness and response.

For longer term work, the focus is on Orissa State (Keonjhar and Sundargarh Districts and Bhubaneswar, Cuttack and Puri urban areas), While emergency preparedness covers the most vulnerable areas across India. Advocacy work at the central level is also prioritised.

All of Concern’s work in India is implemented through partners both to achieve impact through projects and to help in the building of local capacity.

Concern sees inequality as a major cause of poverty and therefore addresses relevant equality issues through its work, with an emphasis on gender.

Concern India aims to grow to the point where it has a budget of Euro I million and around 20 partner projects (by the end of the strategy period for development and emergency preparedness work), while maintaining quality.

Concern has responded to the following emergencies :

Bangladesh. War Refugee Crisis in West Bengal – 1971

Latur Earthquake in Maharashtra – 1993

Orissa Super Cyclone – 1999

Gujarat Earthquake – 2001

Orissa Floods-2001

Orissa Drought-2001

Bihar Floods-2002

Current Programmes

Concern works out of two offices in India: one in Bhubaneswar, Orissa (where the Head office is located) and the other in Rajkot, Gujarat (to follow up on earthquake rehabilitation work)


At the moment geographical area covered is only Orissa State.

The Orissa programme is still in its early stages of development. The process has started of developing partnership with local organisations working on livelihood, governance and emergency preparedness in the targeted rural and urban areas.

Alliance 2015

Concern is a founder member of Alliance : 2015-an alliance of European NGOs with the aim of developing consortia based programmes and strengthening joint advocacy at the international level – the other members being DWHH (Germany), Hivos (Netherlands), IBIS (Denmark) and CESVI (Italy).

Alliance 2015 Initiative in India – Andhra Pradesh Education Project

This project is implemented by MV Foundation which is supported by Concern and DWHH through their Alliance partner HIVOS. The aim of the project is to eliminate child labour by universalising elementary education in Ranga Reddy District.

Contact details

Country Office:

1266, Bhoi Nagar, Unit – IX, Bhubaneswar – 751 022, Orissa, India

Telefax: 91 -674-2404132/2404238

Email: [email protected].

Website : /