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NGO Registration
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NGO Consultancy

Concern India Foundation (CIF)

Started in 1991, Concern India Foundation (CIF) is a non-profit, public charitable trust that supports development – oriented organisations working for the disadvantaged. CIF believes that the disadvantaged need opportunities not charity and provides financial and non-financial support to development – oriented organisations working at the grassroots level to bring about positive change.

CIF focuses on core issues essential to sustainable social development

  • Education
  • Health
  • Community Development
  • Environment

CIF reaches out to more than 100 NGOs through its offices in Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata. Its aim is to make every disadvantaged individual self-reliant, creating a society of independent people living with dignity

Reaching Out

CIF supports various initiatives for providing opportunities to the underprivileged to better their lives.

CIF works with dev-oriental non-profit organisations that reach out to –

  • Destitute and/or orphaned children
  • Deserted and/or abused woman
  • Tribals
  • The Disabled
  • The Aged
  • The Environment

Our Support to NGOs

For NGO, the most valuable asset is its commitment to a cause. What it often lacks are funds and professional expertise. With neither of these, NGOs are severely crippled in carrying on their core activities i.e. providing education, health facilities, vocational training and shelter to the needy. CIF’s primary activity is to provide them essential support.

CIF supports grassroots level NGOs according to specific criteria :

  • Work towards empowerment of the individual.
  • Work towards conservation of the environment.
  • Has clear objectives and short and long-term development plans.
  • Employs innovative approaches to problem-solving.
  • Has potential for sustain growth and expansion.
  • In addition to providing fund, CIF also provides more practical support including providing communication expertise.

Some Support Activities

  • Child Art Exhibition – All India Activity Concern’s NGO Mela – Mumbai. Sports day for Project
  • Children – All India Activity.

Donor Partnership

Success Stories

Contact us:

[email protected]

CIF Offices in India

Mumbai : Ador House, G. K. Dubash Marg,

Mumbai 400 001, Tel: 022- 22029708, 22855487

Fax: 022 – 2204 3625

E-mail: [email protected]

Pune : Pune Resource Centre, C/o Centurion Hotel,

Opp-Akashwani, Shivajinagar, Pune-411005

Tel: 020-3092 1249, 25510600, Fax: 020-25520400

E-mail: [email protected]

Delhi : A-52, 1st floor, Amar Colony, Lajpatnagar-IV,

New Delhi 110 024, Tel : 011-26224482/3,

Fax: 26210997, E-mail : [email protected]

Hyderabad : Flat # 3, 402 Nirman Towers,

East Maradpally, Hederabad-500 026,

Tel : 040-27732950, Fax: 27731460

Email: [email protected]

Bangalore : 104, Ground Floor, St. John’s

Church Raod, Bangalore-560 051

Tel : 080-5305775, Fax: 080-5549422

E-mail: [email protected]

Chennai : No. IC, 1st Floor, Vardrajpuram Poeos Road

Teg nampete, Chennai, Tamil Naidu

Tel : 044-4359790, Fax: 044-4359788

E-mail: [email protected]

Kolkata : P-496, 1st Floor, Keyatala Road

Kolkata 700 029, Tel : 033-26646531

Fax: 033-24635519, E-mail: [email protected]