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Christian Aid

Mission : It believes in “Life before Death”

Brief Introduction

Christian Aid’s purpose is to expose the scandal of poverty and to contribute to its eradication.

It strives to be prophetic, challenging the systems and processes that work against the interests of people who are poor and marginalised.

Christian Aid has supported work in India for over 45 years, and today funds more than 200 projects through 75 local partner organizations.

It works mainly in Rural Areas with dalits (formerly known as ‘untouchables’) adivasis (indigenous people), disadvantaged women, child labourers and bonded labourers and communities living in disaster-prone areas.

Programme Focus

Secure Livelihood • Economic Justice • Accountable Govermence • HIV • Strengthening the Movement for Global Justice • Human Rights (Women Right & Child Rights

Geographical coverage (13 priority states)

Andhra Pradesh • Bihar • Chhattisgarh • Jharkhand • Kamataka • Madhya Pradesh • Maharashtra • Orissa • Rajasthan • Tamil Nadu • Uttranchal • Uttar Pradesh • West Bengal • Gujrat (During Disaster)

However, Christian Aid also supports several national organisations that work throughout India

Cross cutting Generic Priorities

Impact Assistant & Institutional Learning • Advocacy • Capacity

Emergency Preparedness & Mitigation • Inequality & Discrimination

How to Approach

Christian Aid wants to have a concept paper from the grant/support seeking organisation (having FCRA) which may be of 3 to 4 pages writing on organization profile, achievements about the area, problems, proposed approach and organisation next 5 to 6 years perspective plan as a whole.

It look at the concept paper whether it falls under its priority issues/thematic area. Then it contacts for the field visit where organisational rappo in the field, organisational and financial management system, transparency etc are seen. It also takes feed back from the supporting funding agencies, its present partners in the area and its network partners. On the basis of all these processes and findings, it takes decision and if satisfied, invites the detailed proposal. It also helps in developing the proposal.

Generally long term supports are provided but in many cases by giving a support for a year, the progress is observed. In general, 3 years grant are approved – being released in yearly basis. After 3 years, an evaluation is done by external expert, on its basis further support may be given.

Priority Groups

  • We will supported the development of leadership skills among our dalit, adivasi, bonded labour and marginalised women partnerships in rural and urban unorganised sectors;
  • While developing state level policy and programmes we will focus on these groups.
  • We will ensure representation of these groups at all meetings;
  • We will support advocacy efforts for these groups both within India and Internationally.

Priority Issues

Cental to our priorities are the issues that shape the lives of marginalised groups that Christian Aid is committed to. Issues such as food insecurity, lack of entitlement to land, lack of access to health care, safe drinking water, education and credit facilities continue to impoverish the poor, with no means of overcoming them. Through, and with, our partners, we will continue to work at grassroots and policy levels to bring about structural and economic changes that will make a difference in the lives of the poor.

Christian Aid will continue to prioritise organisations that work directly with the poor and those which are involved in research, training, advocacy, lobbying and networking.

It may sometimes be beneficial to form non-financial partnerships with certain organizations for purposes such as advocacy, research or publications.

Contact Details

Christian Aid

India Office

D-25-D, South Extension Part II, New Delhi 110 049

Tel : 01 l-26268068m 71; Telefax: 26268071

Email: [email protected]

(Dr. Belinda Bennet is India Representative as on April 2005)


Head Office: P.O. Box 100. London. SE17RT. U.K.