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Telangana NGOs

Non Profit organisations, Non Profit Organisations and Volunteer Organisations have been organising development and welfare programmes and getting success in Telangana. NGOs are working on many social issues regarding human rights and legal rights to backward and deprived woman and girls, single or divorced women, widows, poor and needy women.
NGOs in Telangana operating and implementing different activities for development of the downtrodden people of community in association with many philanthropic agencies. NGOs have been campaigning and researching for the issues related to globalisation, movement of social justice, issue of public toilets, environment, employment, education and Natural resources in Telangana but still it required to improve the socio-economic condition of the area. NGOs have to undertake and implement many programmes on the issues related to social development.
In deprived area of Telangana Non Governmental Organisations have been working voluntarily for sustainable development of children, youth and women and performing activities on ecological restoration and education for children. Those NGOs are functioning for the development of rural, minor and backward communities in the field of education, health, communication and poor people upliftment and betterment.
NGOs have been working in Telangana for tribal and rural youth against exploitation. Some NGOs are fighting for farmer’s basic rights and their agriculture land. These organisations are also trying to protect tribals land by tribal land protection laws to prevent the misuse of tribal land.

In Telangan many Non Governmental Organisations, Non Profit Organisations and Volunteer Organisations are working for Child welfare and development. Around 10 million children are working in India as labour and 14% child comes from Telangana. Children are trafficked for labour and sexual exploitation. NGOs / NPOs / VOs are working in schools and helping to achieve the goal of quality education. Some NGOs / NPOs are working for street children in Telangana.
The Charitable organisations are running child care centre, shelter, providing food, cloths, education, vocational training, undertaking initiatives in child rights and medical care for underprivileged children, orphans and street children. NGOs / NPOs re fulfilling their responsibilities towards Child care, Protection and Gender equality.
NGOs are working for women empowerment and development in Telangana providing Legal advocacy, development programmes for urban, rural and marginal communities for their welfare, sustainability, education, awareness and self dependent lives. These organisations are working primarily on issues of livestock development, providing vocational and technical training, research and survey, providing financial services and self help groups and people’s livelihood. Many NGOs are working to build progressive self dependent communities by providing services in the areas of health and medicine, nutrition, environment, sanitation, primary education, literacy, awareness and skills development.
NGOs are guiding the impoverished, backward and deprived women, widow, economically poor single women and providing counseling, legal awareness for domestic violence, sexual exploitation, dowry deaths etc. NGOs are providing sewing machines to the poor and needy women for their self dependency and also running training and income generation programmes for skill development in tailoring, embroidery, bricks making etc for rural unemployed women. Some NGOs/ NPOs are providing skill development training in income generation programmes for women of rural areas to empower themselves economically and to live independent and respected life in the community.

NGOs in Telangana