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An estimated 5.1 million Indians are infected with HIV/AIDS, making India second in the world to South Africa in number of HIV cases. The epidemic, which began among high-risk groups, is now spreading rapidly amongst the general population. The epidemic is in its early phase, and even a small percentage increase can have detrimental health and socio-economic consequences. Stemming an epidemic of this magnitude requires collaborative work among all stakeholders involved, strong institutional capacities to carry out work, and political commitment at the highest levels both for prevention and treatment.


The Gap

Organizations at the frontlines – government, non-government, community-based, UN, faith-based, private sector agencies and positive networks – are in urgent need of support to strengthen and expand their prevention and treatment services.


Our Vision

SAATHII envisions a concerted response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India.


Our Mission

SAATHII strengthens the capacity of organizations working against the HIV/AIDS epidemic in India.



SAATHII’s programs are designed to meet the following objectives:

  • To mobilize increased attention and political commitment on HIV/AIDS.
  • To bring people from multiple sectors together and foster collaborations.
  • To bridge knowledge gaps.
  • To strengthen and expand HIV/AIDS services in India.


Our Organizational Structure

Founded informally in February 2000, SAATHII is now registered as a Charitable Trust (Registration # 637, dated August 2002) with the Sub-Registrar of Charities, in Chennai, India. It is also registered with the Income Tax Department (Permanent Account No. AAETS3446C) and the Directorate of Income Tax Exemptions (No.3 01-04-05).


SAATHII is registered in the U.S.A as a 501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.


SAATHII has offices in Chennai, Calcutta and U.S.A.


SAATHII’s Chennai office functions as the administrative headquarters of the organization. Programs in information dissemination, advocacy, training and technical assistance and networking are carried out at this office, with a focus on the southern states and in close partnership with Calcutta and SAATHII Connection.


SAATHII’s Kolkata office implements programs in training and technical assistance with a focus on building the capacity of sexual health agencies in the eastern states. Networking, advocacy and information dissemination programs are also implemented at Calcutta in collaboration with the Chennai office.


SAATHII Connection brides the human, financial and knowledge resources from the U.S. to the need for increased support by Indian organizations at the frontlines of the HIV/AIDS fight in India.




Advocacy / Networking /Information Dissemination / Technical and Financial Assistance

Organizations at the frontlines of the fight against HIV/AIDS – government, non-government, community-based, UN, faith-based, private sector agencies and positive networks – are in urgent need of strengthening their technical competencies, management, leadership and evaluation skills, and personnel and financial capital to expand prevention, care, support and treatment services across 34 states in India. In response to meeting their needs, SAATHII supports government and civil society through the following programs:

  • Advocacy for increased attention and political commitment on HIV/AIDS.
  • Networking to bring people from multiple sectors together and foster collaborations.
  • Information Dissemination to bridge knowledge gaps.
  • Technical and Financial Assistance to strengthen and expand HIV/AIDS services.

Going to web site – Click on the above program links to download fact sheets on each program.




c/o ABK-AOTS DOSOKAI Tamilnadu Centre

3rd Floor Chateaud’Ampa

110 Nelson Manickarn Road

Chennai – 600 029

Ph.: (044) 2374-1118

FAX: (044) 2374-3575

Email: [email protected]




CD 335, Sector I, Salt Lake City,

Kolkata – 700 064


Email: [email protected]


SAATHII Connection

One Soldiers Field Park, Apt 510

Boston. MA 02163, USA

Ph.: 508.329.2065

Email: [email protected].


(Note : There are addresses of many funding agencies working on HIV/AIDS in India, which list can be obtained from the SAATHII’S Website)

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