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PLAN International is an international, humanitarian, child-focused development organization without religious, political or governmental affiliation. Child sponsorship and Building relationships are the basic foundations of the organization.


About PLAN



PLAN International came into existence in 1937 during the Spanish civil war when it provided thousands of war-orphaned children with food, shelter and education. The Second World War and its aftermath further multiplied the number of children in Europe who desperately needed help. Gradually PLAN began to reach out to hundreds of thousands of disadvantaged children in other parts of the world.



PLAN is one of the world’s largest child-focused development organizations, and currently has programs in 42 developing countries. PLAN raises its financial resources through its National Organizations located in 14 developed countries from individual sponsors, private organizations and governments. The international headquarters of PLAN International is in Working, U.K.



Plan’s vision is of a world in which all children realize their full potential in societies, which respect people’s rights and dignities.



PLAN strives to achieve lasting improvements in the quality of life of deprived children by:

>  Enabling deprived children, their families and their communities to meet their basic needs and to increase their ability to participate in and benefit from their societies.

>  Fostering relationships to increase understanding and unity among peoples of different cultures and countries.

>  Promoting the rights and interests of the world’s children.


PLAN in India

PLAN International began its work in India in 1979, and is today one of the largest international non-governmental organizations working in the country. PLAN believes that there can be lasting improvements in a child’s quality of life only when there is a holistic approach to all child-focused development activities.


PLAN India strategy recognizes that child-centred development should result in the goal of increased security for children and families which can be factored into the dimensions of Food security. Economic security. Health and Educational security. Psycho-social security, and Ecological security. This is achieved by providing support to local NGOs in active local partnerships. This has enabled us to reach out to vulnerable children in remote areas of the country.


PLAN India uses the security framework as its basic inspiration to creatively design programs with partners that actively promote PLAN’S principles within the framework of Child Rights. PLAN India now works in 13 states in India, through 14 NGO partners and 22 Program Units in India. Structurally, PLAN is organized into 4 zonal offices at Jaipur, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Bangalore, which support and serve the Program Units.



PLAN supports the relationships among I million individual sponsors in 14 countries and more than I million sponsored children in 42 countries throughout the world, with supporting programs that improve the quality of children’s lives.



Funding complements sponsorship funding, widening its scope, deepening its impact an programs, and improving the quality and adding value to programs.



Created with the primary objective of positioning itself as a bench-mark organization in the welfare and development of children in the country. It was registered under the Societies Registration Act in India, in August 1996. It aims to undertake programs that are unique and appropriate with a bearing on children, especially the weak, neglected and the deprived. The PIIC has taken Birth Registration as one of its major activities in line with the rights of the child.


PLAN works in five critical interrelated areas called Domains that most impact a child’s all round growth.





The Growing Up Healthy domain seeks to ensure survival, protection and healthy development of children, and the reproductive health of adoplescents and adults who care for them, particularly women of the childbearing age. It focuses on preventive, promotive and curative health of PLAN households and communities. While PLAN focuses on maternal and Child Health programs, it also gives emphasis to HIV/Aids, TB and Malaria. It provides promotion and rehabilitation of the disabled persons.


PLAN strongly believes in developing the capacities of local level functionaries such as Community Health Workers (CHW), and others, PLAN assists the development of responsive, sustainable Community-managed Primary Health Care. PLAN seeks to facilitate participation of all stakeholders:

>  Government district health system

>  Private and corporate sectors

>  Civil societies

>  Panchayati Raj bodies

>  Local NGOs

>  Local communities

>  Children



PLAN addresses the learning needs of boys, girls, men and women through a range of initiatives:

>  Early Childhood Care and Development (ECCD), to ensure survival and protection of children; maternal care and childcare.

>  Basic education to meet the learning needs of children and adults.

>  Secondary Education for adolescent boys and girls.

>  Innovative Non-formal and Vocational Education programs for all.



Children’s health and well-being are directly related to the quality of domestic, natural and physical space they and their families enjoy. Habitat encompasses their access to basic services like.

>  safe drinking water

>  sanitation

>  waste disposal

>  alternative sources of energy


It also include the design of homes, work and play places that provide safety, privacy and security.



Improving the income level of a family is one way of improving the future prospects for their children. PLAN strives to improve the economic condition of the family by helping communities to form community-based organizations to encourage income generation activities, savings, access to resources and credit facilities to enhance family income. Relevant training and assistance are provided to strengthen their technical and managerial capacities, to improve their economic, social and livelihood requirements. Measurers are taken to improve the food security of families through

>  sustainable agriculture practices and technology development

>  home based production of food

>  ensuring water security.



To create a work wide community of sponsors and children sharing a common agenda for child-centred development. The Building Relationships domain creates opportunities for children to be the primary participants in the development of their communities. This is done by

>  involving children directly in the development process

>  timely and personalized communications about programs to the sponsors

>  demonstrating tangible achievements and ensuring accountability and transparency to the donors.


PLAN strives towards enhanced sponsor awareness of its programs through development education.


Support Systems


PLAN’S -work is guided by 7 Principles



PLAN strives to improve the quality of life, and advance the rights of children strengthen of families and communities to provide their children with stability, protection and security, reinforce the informed participation of children in decisions which affect their lives; assess the impact of its programs on children in affiliated communities.



Drawing upon internal and external sources, PLAN will promote learning for itself, its partners and communities in order to achieve its mission.



In PLAN’S program interventions, the Domains will be interrelated, resulting in coherent program strategies to improve the quality of life of children.



Across its program interventions, PLAN will actively work toward the eradication of gender based inequalities in opportunities and the access to and control over resources.



PLAN will promote equitable and sustainable access to end use of natural resources by the people with whom it works, based on an understanding of their relationship with the environment.



PLAN will seek to strengthen the long-term capability of all community members to manage matters affect the well being of their children. This includes organizational, technical, financial and managerial capacities, and the ability to influence the priorities and quality of services of local organizations. PLAN also recognizes the importance of strengthening the long-term capacities of these organizations.



To achieve its Mission, PLAN will work through communities, and with community organizations, government bodies, Non-Governmental Organizations and others. Work with these partners will be based on mutual respect, with specific rights and obligations for all parties.


By making a meaningful contribution to the social issues in India, PLAN will continue to honor its commitment to encourage the RIGHTs OF THE CHILD.





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