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NYKS is an Autonomous Body of the Department of Youth Affairs & Sports, Ministry of Human Resource development, Government of India. It has its branches in most of the districts of every state mostly know as “NYK”. It has some schemes for Youth Clubs or NGOs working amongst youths which are as follows :


Submission of Proposals under the scheme Financial Assistance to Youth Clubs (FAYC)

Financial Assistance to Youth Clubs; a scheme of Deptt. of Youth Affairs & Sports is being implemented by NYKS for giving financial assistance to the newly formed Youth Clubs (less than 3 years of registration). The current amount of financial assistance of Rs. 5,0000/- per Youth Club has been increased to Rs. 10,000/- each for normal area and Rs. 15,000 each for tribal area Youth Clubs less. For seeking financial assistance under the category of Youth Clubs in tribal area a certificate from the competent authority indicating that the Youth Club is in tribal area should be attached; without this certificate the application will fall under normal area category.


Since, the scheme has the potential to encourage, strengthen and promote the activities of newly established Youth Clubs; therefore, it may be ensured to send as many eligible proposals of FAYC as possible. While sending the proposals the Youth Coordinator of the NYK must indicate the order of merit for considering these proposals in his/her forwarding letter. The proposals may be sent to The Dy. Director (Programme), NYKS Hqs, New Delhi.


Before forwarding, the proposals should be cross checked as per the check list given below :


Check List

  1. The Youth Club is registered under the Society Registration Act 1860, Trust Act or corresponding State Act.
  2. The application of the applicant Youth Club was received by district NYK at the time when the Youth Club has not crossed three years from the date of its registration under societies registration act or corresponding State Act.
  3. The financial assistance has not been given earlier to the recommended Youth Club(s) under the scheme of Financial Assistance to Youth Clubs.
  4. The proposals have been screened and selected by the District Level Selection Committee i.e. District Advisory Committee on Youth Programmes (DACYP)
  5. The Registration Certificate as well as the certificate that the Youth club falls under tribal area (if the case be) must be verified and attested by the Youth Coordinator himself/ herself and attached with the application.
  6. Registration number, date of registration and number of years, months and days completed by the Youth Club on the date of receiving the application at NYK have been indicated in the application by the Youth Coordinator.
  7. The application has been duly signed by the applicant.
  8. All the enclosures including the photocopy of the application, registration certificate, certificate from competent authority that the Youth Club falls under the tribal area (if eligible), other details and recommendation of Selection Committee have been kept in the office records as well as for audit purpose.
  9. The photocopy of the registration certificate, tribal area Youth Club certificate and original recommendation of Selection Committee have been enclosed with each of the forwarded application to NYKS Hqs.


It may please be noted that the recommended proposals forwarded by the Youth Coordinator NYK must be cross checked on the basis of all the above mentioned points in the check list, otherwise the proposal(s) will not be considered.


For more details please contact the Youth Coordinator, NYK (Nehru Yuva Kendra) of your district.


Rural Sports Clubs (RSC)



The Scheme of Rural Sports Programme launched in the year 1970-71 with a view to broad base games and sports and tap the hidden talent in rural areas, was being operated by the Department of Youth Affairs and Sports, Government of India. The Department was also operating another scheme namely, ‘Special Scheme for Sports Activities among the Backward Tribes’. The present scheme named Rural Sports Clubs (RSC) is an improvement over the earlier schemes as apart from arranging tournaments in rural areas, it also puts emphasis on encouraging Sports Club Culture in rural and tribal areas of the country. For the successful implementation of the scheme at grass root level. Department of Youth Affairs and Sports has identified Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan as the nodal agency.



The principal objective of this scheme is to help the emergence of a countrywide network of Sports Clubs Culture for channelizing the energies of youth for constructive activities an one hand and exploring and nurturing sports talent in rural and tribal areas on the other. The point wise objectives are as follows:

>  To generate sports consciousness and mass participation by youth in sports and games in rural and tribal areas.

>  to develop and strengthen the Sports Club Culture in the country.

>  To provide facilities for various sports and games popular in the area.

>  To provide training facilities in sports and games.

>  To organize .sports tournaments.

>  To provide opportunity to rural sports and games talent to get noticed for talent scouting and nurturing.



(i)    A Rural Sports Club should cater to the need of their village and adjoining villages with about 25-30 members aged between 15 to 35 years.

(ii)   Initially the Rural Sports Clubs should be encouraged on the basis of one in each development block.

(iii)  In future preference should be given to those blocks of the district where there are no such Rural Sports Clubs.

(iv)  However, in case, eligible Rural Sports Clubs are not available in other blocks then in that case, the Sports Clubs may be established in those blocks in which already grant had been given under the scheme.



(a)   The Youth Club/Organization should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or under corresponding Act of the State.

(b)   The applicant Youth Club should have crossed three years from the date of its registration. The date of such calculation will be the date on which district Nehru Yuva Kendra invites application.

(c)   The Youth Club/Organization should not have a restricted/close membership on the basis of caste, race. religion or political affiliations and must have properly elected executive body according to its memorandum of association.

(d)   The applicant Youth Club/Organization should have some infrastructure, play ground equipment and past experience of organising and promoting sports programmes.

(e)   During a particular financial year, the Youth Club/Organizational can either be considered and given grant under the Scheme of Rural Sports Club or Youth Development Center.

(f)    A Youth Club/Organization who has already received grants under Youth Development Center, will not be given grant under Rural Sports Club scheme for the first two financial years from the year of sanction for the establishment of Youth Development Centre.

(g)   A Youth Club/Organization once received the grant under Rural Sports Club Scheme will not be given grant again for a minimum period of five years.

(h)   The applicant Youth Club/Organization must have proper books of accounts with audited statements, minutes of the meetings annual reports etc.

(i)    The applicant Youth Club/Organization must have saving account in a Post Office or Nationalized Bank.


Procedure of Application

>  An eligible Youth Club/Organization will submit their application (in duplicate) on the prescribed preformed (Annexure – A) to the Youth Coordinator of the Nehru Yuva Kendra in their district or the adjoining district, if there is no NYK in their own district. Before submitting the proposal to NYK, the Youth Club should get the proposal recommended from the Gram Panchayat Pradhan.

>  The Rural Sports Club proposals should be verified and screened by the Youth Coordinator and seek their approval during the meeting of the District Advisory Committee on Youth Programme (DACYO) of NYK chaired by District Magistrate/Collector.

>  The duly approved proposals should then be forwarded by Youth Coordinator to concerned Regional Coordinator who in turn should send to their Zonal Director for final submission to NYKS, H.qrs, New Delhi. The RC and ZD at their level should verify and screen the application and send only those proposals to NYKS, H.qrs. New Delhi, which fill fills the eligibility criteria and other terms and conditions laid down in the scheme. The proposals submitted by Zonal Director should be in the order of merit and priority.


It indicates that the proposals are to be send finally by the Zonal Director to NYKS, H.qrs. for further consideration and release of funds under the scheme. The directions may be issued to all Youth Coordinators and Regional Coordinators that the application should reach to Zonal offices by the 31 July of a financial year and to NYKS, H.qrs. by the end of August.



A Rural Sports Club is expected to undertake the following suggested activities.

>  Purchase of consumable and non-consumable sports equipments.

>  Development of village play grounds and sports infrastructure on voluntary basis and by mobilizing resources at their level i.e. not from the assistance received under the Scheme of RSC.

>  Organization of daily sports and games in their village and adjoining villages.

>  Organization of sports tournaments at inter-village and block level and attempts should be made to further organize inter-block and district level tournaments by mobilizing local resources and in coordination with district NYK and other departments.

>  Identification of talented sports persons and recommendation of their cases to district Nehru Yuva Kendra, Sports Authority of India and District Sports Officer.



The Rural Sports Club will maintain a cash book and bill account for all receipts and payments on the daily basis. At the end of the financial year, the Executive Body of the Rural Sports Club will be responsible to prepare a Receipt and Payment Account, Income and Expenditure Account and a Balance Sheet within three months at the end of the financial year. The Rural Sports Club Executive Body will meet at least once in each month to discuss the progress made and future strategies for the promotion of Rural Sports Club, its objectives and activities. The proceedings of the meeting should be recorded and kept open for verification and checking. The Youth Coordinator of the NYK will be invited as an observer during quarterly meeting. For this purpose, a 15 day invitation notice shall be given to him to attend a meeting.


Financial Pattern

( I )  The RSC will be given a one time grant up to Rs. 30,000/- for purchase of sports equipments, consumables and non-consumables. The amount of grant for Sports Club in a Tribal Area may be upto Rs. 45,000/-. This will be followed by a grant of Rs. 5,000/- per annum subsequent two years.

(2)  One third of the total amount of approved grant shall be utilized for consumables equipments and two third for non-consumable equipments.

(3)  The resources of RSC should be supplemented through assistance by state government / other authorities / voluntary contribution.


Scheme of Youth Development Centre (YDC)


Objective of the Scheme :

In order to strengthen and promote the youth activities in the most constructive manner, it is necessary to provide an intermediaries between the youth clubs at the village level and the Nehru Yuva Kendra at the district level. With the increase in the number of Kendras and consequently of the network of the village level youth clubs, it has become necessary to provide opportunities for full participation of the rural youth in the developmental and recreational activities. The objective of the Scheme of Youth Development Centres is to provide the youth with such opportunities by providing certain basic infrastructure.


The Youth Development Centres (YDC) would be the main hub of all youth activities in the village covered by them. Normally, till sufficient number of Centres come up, a Centre may serve as the nodal agency for more than 10 villages.


Considering the fact that the primary objective of a YDC is to work a mediator between the youth clubs and District NYK, the Scheme is being operated entirely through Nehru Yuva Kendra sangathan.


Financial Assistance

Financial assistance to the extent of not more than Rs. 30,000/- is given to Youth Development Centre. This will be a one-time assistance.



Any Youth Club, to be eligible to become Youth Development Centre and to be financed under this Scheme, should meet the following conditions:

>  Must be active, and should be registered under the Societies Registration Act XXI, 1860 or corresponding State Act for at least three years.

>  Must have a building of its own or on lease with minimum carpet area of 500 Sq. Ft. and sufficient open space for organization small exhibitions, regular sports and cultural activities etc. Adequate electricity/ petromax and drinking water supply should be available in the premises.

>  Must have saving account with the local post office or a nationalized bank with a minimum of Rs. 5000/- as balance for the last 6 months.

>  Must have proper books of accounts with audited statement, minutes of meetings and annual reports etc.

>  Must have properly elected executive committee according to its Memorandum of Association.


Preference will be given to Youth Clubs which :

>  have been awarded at District, at State or National level, or

>  are situated in a large village or are centrally located in a cluster of villages.

>  have shown the ability to mobilize resources from other agencies and also from within the Community.

Provided they fulfill the above conditions.


For more details please contact


Nehru Yuva Kendra Sangathan

East Plaza, Indira Gandhi Indoor Stadium, New Delhi – 110 002, Tel : 23392521, 23392541, 529

Fax: 91-11-23392539, Gram: Yuva Shakti. Email: [email protected]

Visit our Internet website at


Your Nearest District Nehru Yuva Kendra Office.

Information obtained with gratitude from Shri Gopal Chandra Ojha, Youth Co-ordinator. NYK. Giridih. Jhsrkhand

and Shri Vijay Kumar, Youth Co-ordinator, NYK, Hazaribag, Jharkhand

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