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Himachal Pradesh NGOs

Himachal Pradesh is one of the most beautiful hill stations famous for its beautiful Valley, Snow-covered Mountains, Waterfalls, Salt Mountain, Tea Gardens and Pilgrimage Places in the north region of India. Water and forests are the two major natural resources of the state. There are very few plains as comparison to the hilly areas in Himachal Pradesh. The daily routine life of the population of the state is very difficult. At present Himachal Pradesh is very much developed but still the population is suffering from lack of awareness, progress and illiteration in some of its underprivileged and backward areas. There are very less employment options in Himachal Pradesh even for the educated people. There is lack of health, sanitation and basic facilities including education upper hilly areas of Himachal Pradesh.

To overcome such limitations of Himachal Pradesh, many “NGOs (Non Governmental Organization)/NPOs (Non Profitable Organization)/VOs (Volunteer Organization) are working there for the development of underprivileged and the deprived section of the society. NGOs are playing very imperative and significant role in diverse areas of Himachal Pradesh. The main aim of the NGOs is to work for social welfare, development and empowerment of people. For this they organize various social welfare programs and charitable programs that include Social Justice, child and adult education, women empowerment, cultural development, management of natural resources, rehabilitation, training, research development programs, health, tourism and drug abuse etc.

Himachal Pradesh NGOs has been working in diverse backward areas, organize various awareness programs for women and children that include training for their healthy life, rights and growth. At present various programs are running by NGOs that include social justice, human rights, women rights, child rights, rehabilitation, protection and proper utilization of natural resources, health awareness programs, gender awareness programs, adult education, sanitation, safe water. They are also working for the upliftment of rural and urban areas by organizing awareness programs for their physical, mental and economic development.

NGOs has been organising programmes for counseling on HIV/AIDS other health related issues. There are few organisations who are working efficiently in areas like Lahul the coldest area of the states on the project of reproductive child health care. The NGOs has been working to provide occupational therapy to AIDS patients to survive with confidence and dignity in society. Various NGOs had taken initiatives to aware the people about the side-effects of tobacco and to make the state tobacco free. To fight with the societal evils like child labour, domestic violence on children and any kind of exploitation of the child the NGOs has started a child helpline number with the aim to help the victimized child in critical conditions and also to counsel them. The non-governmental organisations has been conducting various events to aware the people about the legal rights of a child and to sensitize them to fight against the increasing number of crimes against children.

The non-profit organisations in the state are working in the rural areas on the project of proper sanitation facilities and on many other social evils for the overall empowerment of the rural people. They are also working for the disabled people and destitute by providing them medical services like occupational therapies, physiotherapies and psychological supports and with the help of group therapies to build their confidence level. In these various ways the different non- profit organisations are working of the upliftment of the society and the people by different methods of awareness.

There are so many other sectors on which the underprivileged section of society is seeking concentration of these groups such as overall development and empowerment of the women (the backbone of society), saving the natural resources, pollution free environment, save girl child, drug de-addiction and safe surroundings for the birds and animals. For the socio-economic development there is need of small scale industry and formation of small groups of women as self help groups to start their own work at home such as different types of hand- crafting, preparation of pickles at home, packing of different kinds of materials etc.

NGOs in Himachal Pradesh :

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