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Blood Donors in India

Here is the list and links of websites and web links of the Blood Donors in India. There are many Blood donors available in various places in different states and cities of India. We are providing the information on availability of database of Blood donors on various part of India where Blood Donors and supporters want to Donate Blood to needy persons. The information provided for various organisations and groups are based on social purpose. If there is any issue between donors and the persons who need blood then we are not concerned with such issues. To donate own blood is not easy and not a normal but Blood Donors provide and donate the blood of their own will, wish and intention of social service to help the needy. So if you are expecting to get blood as donation then you also keep this social service concept that when you are capable then you also have to donate and inspire your friends and colleagues to donate the blood then it will be easy to get blood from others in other area where you need some blood and you do not have resources to get required amount of blood units.
Be ready to donate blood. Whatever you are expecting you have to do at your own level. If you need blood then just ask for it to your close relatives and friends. If you do not have close relative or friend in the area where you are in need to blood then ask others Donors to get the blood.
If there is any change in the web links of list of Blood Donors in India then please inform us so we can update the information provided here. If you have any other links of Blood Donors or any contact list you can share it, so the needy persons can get information and it will help to save lives and beyond that.
Donate Blood and Save a Life! Become Blood Donor!! Contact following to get and donate Blood!!!

Blood Donors in India

Blood Donors Assam

Blood Donors Andhra Pradesh

Blood Donors Delhi

Blood Donors Goa

Blood Donors Gujarat

Blood Donors Uttar Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh

Blood Donors Kerala

Blood Donors Karnataka

Blood Donors Madhya Pradesh

Blood Donors Orissa

Blood Donors Kerala

Blood Donors Maharashtra

Blood Donors Punjab

Blood Donors Rajasthan

Blood Donors Tamil Nadu

Blood Donors Telangana

Blood Donors Tripura


The information and links of this page of are given for the social cause only for the needy people and for the donors. We don’t take any guarantees or responsibility or liability or authorisation or recognisation of terms or conditions of the Blood Donors, groups, persons and organisation providing here. You have to confirm and verify at your level according to your requirements. And there may or may not be different terms and conditions of different Blood Donors groups and Blood Donation organisations and Blood donors so you have to follow their terms and parameters. When someone donate blood in Blood donation camps it may or may not be used or utilised within a particular period so the following websites enable the blood donor to donate blood as and when required.
And it’s up to the persons who need Blood for themselves or for their relatives or for friends that please check it the blood in suitable recognised testing laboratory provided or donated for the affects or any infection or any virus that may cause due to the donated blood. If you are accessing the page and taking information as your right or wish to do any legal action or can take any legal action in any case related to the donors or donor agencies or any persons or any organisation for which the information given here on this page or any link given here then you must not to go to the information given here and you are not authorised to use the information given on this page. The information is given here for the social welfare purpose only. If the link given on this page is changed or not working then this is again not our responsibility at any condition or any circumstances at any part.