Goa NGOs

Goa is union territory of India and one of the most famous tourist area of the world. Non Profit Organisations/ Non-Government Organisation (NGOs) has been actively working in social welfare programmes in the Goa and participating to develop the area in more progressive way.
NGOs of Goa has been undertaking and implementing various programmes and activities for development of the communities of the area. Non-Profit Organisations of Goa are working and actively managing various objectives and welfare programmes with Health, Education, Social awareness and Financial development issues.
NGOs working in Goa are implementing the programmes based on Child Education, Child Rights, Women Empowerment, Environment Protection, Social Justice, Health Awareness Programmes, Art, Craft and Heritage Protection. Social organisations are undertaking projects for welfare and improvement of the status of Deprived and Backward classes.
Main focus of NGOs in Goa is based on Poverty and Distress Relief and they are running programmes to improve the living standard and health care matters of local communities.

NGOs in Goa