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A child who doesn’t go to school is a child who goes through life bearing a monstrous burden. A child destined to live a life impoverished in every way, in spirit, in health, in bare necessities.

This affront to the human condition affects children of all races, creeds and nationalities. Traditionally, and currently, it is divesting for girls. We are an organization dedicated to helping relieve and eventually eradicate this situation.



Girls Global Education Fund (GGEF), a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization, was founded in 1996 to send girls to school who would otherwise be denied an education. GGEF is unique in that we are the only organization whose sole mission is to send girls to schools. To address the gender gap that exists between girl’s and boys* education we wanted to give girls a program of their own. There are organizations that send children of both sexes to school and those that help girls get non-traditional schooling at home. These organizations, however, usually have broader missions and schooling for boys or girls is a small part of their overall aid program.

We are grassroots organization. We come with a fresh and effective approach to helping girls and consult with some of the best minds in the fields of education, gender equity, development and business. We strictly monitor the disbursement of funds and will provide an accounting to any interested person.



Scholarships for Girls

GGEF provides scholarships to girls in developing countries who would otherwise be unable to attend school. Scholarships are given to girls in primary school, junior high and high school. We cover the cost of sending girls to school for the entire year, and if necessary. We also pay for transportation to school, and lunch. To remain in our program, a girl must complete the school year with satisfactory grades and attendance.


Focus on the Community

When we initiate Scholarships for Girls in a new area, we are careful to facilitate good relationships with the parents, teachers and schools affected by our program. We address the cultural bias against educating girls by encouraging parents to send their daughters to school. We try to engage children and their parents by discussing with them how a girl benefits not only the girl, but also the family and community at large.


Girls Global Education Fund in China

In 1997, Girls Global Education Fund launched its pilot program in China, sending 63 girls to school. Our next year, we sent 103 girls to school. Of the girls GGEF sent to school to date all completed the school year and returned for the next. One of our students, Wang Wen Jun, cored so high on her final test that she was recruited to attend the best high school in the entire district.


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