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In the process and information about NGO Registration under Societies Registration Act, Indian Trust Act and Companies Act are included. One other main purpose included is to provide information about parameters, proper legal processes and methods to Register NGO in Delhi and Register NGOs at National Level from jurisdiction of Union Territory Delhi. The social activists, group of social entrepreneurs and persons with change making vision who wish to do social work in organised way and need to register NGOs to implement their vision and mission, can get information process and requirement on how to register NGO in Delhi and how to register national level NGO in Delhi. They can get information support to register NGOs from this online information resource centre.

In all the NGO Registration processes under Societies Registration Act, Indian Trust Act and Companies Act are included. The main purpose is to provide information of proper legal process methods to Register NGO in Delhi and Register NGOs at National Level. The persons who need to register NGOs can get information on how to register and they can get support to register NGOs.

NGOs already working on various social development issues can receive help and information on funding that how to get approval for the schemes of Funding Agencies and Government Funding. NGOs can contact to get information of authorised NGO consultancy services to get funding, for fund raising, documentation related NGO project writing, concept writing, project proposals for funding, funding project formation, annual reports, management of NGOs, operation in various areas and issues. If NGOs require to get support and help related to NGO documentation, process of FCRA Registration and all type of related requirements from NGO formation to get Funding and Implementation of the Projects for social welfare in Delhi and India then the authorised representatives can contact and consult.

NGO Registration, Documentation, Funding and NGO Management in Delhi

NGOs India is Information Resources Centre for Government registered Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs), Non Profit Organizations (NPOs) and Social Organisations in Delhi. The information is available for NGOs, People associated with NGO, Volunteers, Social Activists and Stakeholders and Social Workers working on various issues in Delhi and Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) including Gurgaon (Gurugram), Faridabad, Noida and Ghaziabad. Information resources are included the Funding Schemes of Central Ministries of Government of India and Funding Projects of Private Funding Agencies and funding information of Private Corporate Sector who can provide funds under Corporate Social Responsibilities (CSR) are include. The social issues, NGO Projects, NGO Grant Schemes are included in this NGO Resource Centre. You can find the recognised online Resource of about the NGOs including.

NGOs India supports only such organisations and groups of persons who are practically working and really want to work for social change and development based on non profit purpose with ethical and social parameters. NGOs India supports the real and recognised NGOs who are really working and such type of NGOs who deserve for support for the process of funding agencies, supporters, Government departments and Government Ministries. NGOs India works as network between NGOs and supporters. Recognised organisations and groups deserve to get required assistance and support for funding process and management. You can contact to get the Recognition process by providing proper detail information of your organisation and its work. Recognised NGOs stand for support regarding fundraising and funding campaigns. NGOs India team supports recognised NGOs to manage the campaigns for funding.

Information is for basic knowledge, Want to implement then take Consultancy Service

Basic information is useful to be prepare and ready to know about you and the organisation you want to establish and implement the programmes through it. The basic and other required information is available online here and at the provided links. But if you want to proceed further then if you or your associates have proper knowledge then you and your team can start work, can do the registration process and get funding after preparing and submitting information at proper place at your part. Otherwise it is not the professional way to get information from here and there, you have to take Consultancy either it is basic registration, further registration at various places or departments or ministries to get empanelment there. If you need to get register your NGO, if you want do complete your documentation work process and implement your work to get funding then you have to take Consultancy. You can contact recommended NGO Consultancy that provides the consulting service to get NGO Registration, prepare the documentation including the required official process and information. If you want to establish and work for your social entrepreneur in professional way then with the help of Consultancy Service you can get proper documentation and proceed to get support to implement the all kind of process including basic registration of NGO to come in existence, further registration of NGO to be entitled at various funding and other kind of support, to prepare Annual Reports, to prepare and submit project proposal for grants and funding, to prepare documentation for the ongoing projects, impact assessments, to guide and help to submit the documents and information at the place where and when these are required.

NGO Registration

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