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Credibility Parameters to recognise Social Workers and NGO Members

What are the parameters for Social Activists and Social Entrepreneurs who run, manage and operate NGO? Basic parameter and criteria to recognise and justify the reality of the Social Activists and Social Entrepreneurs is that are they really following in their real life and system for and about that principles what they claim for and claim about their NGO and Social Life. Here are some points and expected parameters for the persons who are running, operating and managing to get recognition as social activists and social entrepreneurs:

  1. The character and behaviour of the persons matters most who are running NGO as social workers and as social activists or as social entrepreneurs. Are the members/ managers/ operators of the NGO are honest at all social and ethical parameters? If we are talking about the honesty for the persons of organisation and persons related to social sector, honesty of the members and persons who are running NGO with declared certain social and ethical aims, to establish a society with ethical and honest parameters and principles, especially then it matters most. Reason is simple that if the base material of formation of any object including the organisation and foundation is not well, not perfect and not eligible accordingly then how the object can be formed, process can be established and the entrepreneurship can be run well further based on the claims and the principles that are made for it and exists on papers only!
  2. Are they following all the same parameters and objectives for which they claim publicly to follow and oppose publicly to control and finish? NGO members must follow and must be compatible with the declared aims and objectives of the NGO.
    What about their attitude, opinion and selection about the option for child in their own family.
    One example is about Girl and Girl Child. Are the members of the NGO in question following Save Girl Child (Beti Bachao), means do they not prefer to give the priority to male child instead of any child? If any member or person related to NGO does not follow these very basic social parameters about girls and girl children then it is not an NGO in real sense. Such organisation is not performing what they claim in their objectives are not basically concerned with social positive change making process but are formed to get funding for their survival and some work to show that they are doing some type of so called social work what is suitable and comfortable to them. If the NGOs who claim to work for women welfare and development and are not following the basic parameters for they claim then the persons and such organisations are also responsible in the social inequality issue wit girl child and women. What about children related issues? Do they follow? They must follow in their personal life and in families also. To avoid the contrast they can do amicable manner according to circumstances if they wish to do and have desire to do if they have the vision to do positive change in society.
  3. The social workers do not take dowry and always oppose to take dowry during his/her family marriage matters also. But what about the criteria of those so called social workers and social activists when they marry or going to marry their children and ask, take and give dowry? Do they follow anti dowry principles in their own family? If not then these persons are not social and do not deserve to run and manage NGO, even such people do not deserve as beneficiary of the NGO also.
    So who deserves – those who do not expect dowry, do not get dowry and oppose when the dowry is expected at the time of marriages. Such person are the real social worker in real sense and deserve to run and manage NGO. Reason initiation must be start from home about any issues including dowry issue.
  4. If the member of any NGO is not taking care of the parents and old aged person in their family then that member or person related to the NGO is not be recognised as social worker.
  5. If any man in a family is not respecting women and torturing due to the male dominancy nature then such person are not recognised normal social workers. The family issue can be there due to the behaviour, habits or nature of any family member but solution is not to torture women. There are many reasons and issue behind such matters but it is the basic necessary parameter for any man or women to follow the ethical parameters.
  6. Is the member of NGO is using alcohol, wine, tobacco, drug or is he/she addicted of the intoxication (Nasha) of tobacco or alcohol or wine in the society then the NGO related to that person is juts a part of his/her job or business only not a social wok. Any kind of addition with any person in not recognised that a normal human being in the well civilized society because he/she is loosing that status of normal human being. If anybody is addicted for the alcohol or tobacco then how it is possible to make the society free from the addiction and how the status of society and its members the human beings can be improved through that NGO. If that person is part of the anti alcohol/tobacco addition campaigns to control, stop and ban on addiction including ban and restriction on wine and other harmful drugs, dangerous narcotic substances, tobacco, cigarettes, bidis, hukkas etc then that person is well recognised social at this part. Though complete perfection in all human being is not possible but if anybody is working at social sector then it is necessary to follow the social and ethical parameters to that person to get recognition. Participation to control or ban is not necessary but if he/she is taking drug, tobacco, alcohol or wine then it can be questionable to be a public social activist. Due to initiative of some social activist either they are member or not member of any NGO but many campaigns resulted successful result to ban on the alcohol in some states and in many areas. Though many campaigns are still going on but the manor women behind are behind these campaigns with a mission to stop addiction or alcohol restriction (Sharab-Bandi). Many activists are working in rural areas to stop the addiction.
    It has been observed that some persons are leaders of the campaign to restrict and ban on alcohol but their close relative in their are regularly using the alcohol. Such campaign leaders are participating the campaigns improve their leadership and personality to come in politics in next phase, but specify that kind of some particular person may affect the campaign. Solution is to identify the fake and pseudo campaigners and separate them from the campaigns for the success in the decided mission.
  7. Some persons are associated with management or are members of the NGO they are using tobacco and alcohol in the NGO campus, office and are involved in some kind of addiction including tobacco, cigarette, bidi, wine and other drugs or intoxicants. So how such person can be recognised as the Social Worker or Activist of clean image? If anybody is addictive or habitual of using intoxicant material like tobacco or alcohol then there is no meaning of that person to manage, run or work in NGO whether it is working well on other issues. De-addiction from drug and intoxicant is a necessary for a person in normal civil society, so members of NGO must also follow this basic necessary parameter. In some countries using alcohol may be part of their civil life but in India it is known as a unfair means if someone is using alcohol and tobacco as a business manager.
  8. Those who are not involved in the corruption are the real and recognised social workers, social activists and social entrepreneurs. If the person who is member of NGO or is related to NGO is taking bribe or his/her relative is taking is bribe then what about the NGO he/she is related to or running it?
    The real social worker and social activists who is running NGO or related to any NGO that doesn’t take bribe.
  9. What about those who give bribe. Yes this is a very difficult question to answer. If someone is social worker or related to any NGO or running any NGO then why to give bribe to any one? At entrepreneurship it is difficult to work without giving any bribe to any one but it is not the impossible to be such person. To stop bribe is to stop giving bribe, especial in such a system where most of the ruling system is based on the most of the corrupt employees of the departments and most of the corrupt politicians, is hard but not impossible.
    If the social workers and the persons who are running NGO stop giving bribe then the corruption can be stopped.
  10. Corruption can be stopped and a real social worker can do that. Why it is necessary or is there compelled to give bribe. Only the reason that the concerned person doesn’t follow legal and ethical parameters when such circumstances are there. If someone follows the legal and ethical parameters then it is not necessary to give bribe, it may take some more time but it is possible to stop corruption. Many social workers and persons who want to form and are running NGO they just want ‘comfortable’ way to complete their work so they prefer to give bribe, so such persons do not follow the social service parameters in their real practical life. To be a real social worker, social activist and social entrepreneur is that he/she must not give bribe. In the present system to be such person who doesn’t give bribe is on the top ranking social worker and the NGO he/she is running is top ranking NGO. Though corruption is a part of this system but to make the system free of corruption is part of one of the main objective of the NGO and Social sector. The real social activists and social workers can improve the ranking of their NGO and their status.
  11. Corruption can be also a part to manage the fund while taking and utilising. This is the most priority issue for the real and well recognised honest social workers and their NGO to keep away from this. While getting funds from Government ministry or authority or from other resources can attract towards corruption. To give bribe to take funds can be stopped and it is part of the system so will change when the system will be more clean with time. But to utilise the fund is a part of corrupt practice of the anti social elements when they are using the fund for personal purpose and/or for the purpose other than public welfare, means not utilise the fund for the purpose it is received from the donors. Many NGOs and the members, persons running NGOs are part of this malpractice, so to stop this unfair malpractice and to stop the misusing for unfair means can be the only solution to be the real and normal social worker and real social service NGO. It the NGO funds is used for other than social welfare purpose and for personal benefit purpose then it is defined as a corrupt campaign by the greedy anti social elements who collect the funds and use it fraudulently. This kind of group or tool to collect money for personal benefit is not defined as an NGO.
  12. If anybody doesn’t care for environment protection, cleanliness, control to spread the waste then that kind of person is also a questionable normal human being, that can not be considered as social person at any part.
  13. To take care in case of natural calamities in the nearby area and participate in resolution of natural calamities in necessary part of the work of any social worker of concerned areas and sectors.
  14. The members of any NGO must not be any other NGO that is blacklisted by any Government authority due to financial irregularities when the funding of any project was not used for that purpose it is issued for
  15. Anybody involved in animal cruelty can be questioned as social worker. To use the Non-Vegetable eatable material – meat is a matter of debate or matter of opinion that normal human being should use it as eating material or not. Because the meat is generated by killing the animals. The killing of animal can be in different ways either in one shot or kill by more brutal torturing process. Killing a living animal and eat its meat is not considered a fair means and banned in some religions and sectors. It is also a issue of debate that to be a normal human being is not to kill animals to eat them (means the meat of animals). In present scenario of the earth and world many options of the vegetable food material to eat are available apart from the option of animal meat by killing animal, then why it must not be stopped to use it as a part of the food.
  16. Social workers, members, volunteers and staff must have a people friendly attitude. Person without abusive behaviour are real social workers because they follow ethical parameters and character in their real life. The real and well recognised social workers do not give women related and other kind of abuses while talking. To behave like a despicable, over dominant, to misbehave with others and is a part of the character of any persons so such persons do not deserve to be a social activist. If anyone is giving women related abuses then that person is not a real kind of human being, and to be a social worker and social activist is the secondary part for human being. A normal human being with normal human behaviour is categorised and known as Social worker, social activist and positive social change maker.
  17. Social workers and activists must do self assessment in the meeting that how they are well to manage their recognition and accreditation as recognised social worker.
  18. Many greedy creatures wish to get money how any way through NGO so they just try anywhere to get money from any trick so this is also a most undesirable and negative nature and habit of such person who can not be the normal person. Such type of creatures are the type of heinous criminals those wishing to get money to fulfill their greed. Such creatures must be kicked off and their NGO must be banned.
  19. About Duties of the Social Workers: Though many of duties of Social Workers under the above said parameters are necessary as social activist but anybody can not expect any kind of duty or work rightfully from any social workers and members of any NGO. They may reserve the rights to perform their duties in certain reasons and circumstances. This is applicable for the duties and expectations only from the social workers as many creatures expect to get anything from those who are member or related to any NGO. If anybody is expecting form anything from an NGO then that person must prove their previous concerned and involvement/participation in any kind of social welfare related work, then it may or may not be considered the expected work. There is no strict reason to entertain anybody in the name of social work by any member of any NGO, where to perform their duties and for whom to perform everything is based on the choice, wish and will. In some specific cases of the duties regarding the concerned project of Government authority or any other authority it will be applicable according to the guidelines and the applicable terms that are necessary or not.

How to be a real and well recognised social activist and social worker: If the persons associated with NGO and Social service can follows the applicable social parameters and follow the process in their real life according to the declared objectives of the NGO then they can be the real and well recognised social activists. So it can improve their status as the leading social personalities and it will improve the ranking of their NGO.