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ਚੰਡੀਗੜ੍ਹ ਏਨਜੀਓ

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) in Chandigarh has been working for the development, welfare, improvement of socio-economic codition of society and upliftment of the slum residents. The NGOs are the groups of social reformists that work for the underprivileged and downtrodden backward areas which actually are the responsibilities of government. The Non-Profit Organisations in Chandigarh had achieved number of targets and still working on various issues to achieve further targets. They have been working on issues related to environment, education, women empowerment, shelter, water, sanitation, health, economic status, child labor, care of the old aged and disabled and also conscious about care of the animals and birds. Various NGOs are working in Chandigarh on the social development issues.

Chandigarh NGOs are working from last many decades for the upliftment of the society in many ways whether it is women empowerment or for socio-economic development of the other deprived section of the society.NGOs in Chandigarh have been focusing for the overall development of the women that includes women education, economic development, health, safety and other related issues. Programmes have been organised by various groups of the social change makers to sensitise the society towards the problems faced by women in daily life i.e. domestic violence, deaths due to dowry, female foeticide and infanticide, molestation, harassment at any place in society, it might be work place, road side, street corners and other public places etc. Workshops have been organised for women counseling and build up their self-esteem and confidence to exist independently in the society.

Children of slums and the nearby villages of Chandigarh with the target to educate them, providing them health facilities and food during their study hours to increase the presence of children in school are part of the programmes of NGOs. The groups of social reformists make efforts to convince the parents to teach the girl child. Number of NGOs in Chandigarh worked on providing regular higher education through NIOS to the children of underprivileged section.

NGOs in Chandigarh have focused on the environment issues by organising programmes with for ‘Save environment and control pollution’. Concentrating on the environment safety NGOs also worked on waste management with the target to make something beneficial from the waste and the project of waste management has became the source of income for many needy people. Hence, the project of waste management achieved two targets with single work i.e. improving economic status by providing them work and on the other hand productive management of the waste. NGOs worked on the reuse of plastic and its safe disposal, as plastic is one of the most harmful waste. In Chandigarh NGOs has been working for animals and birds safety, providing care to the injured animals and environment suitable for them.

NGOs in Chandigarh has been working on priority basis for protection, care and empowerment of the mentally and physically challenged children and adults, providing them food, shelter, clothes and other basic facilities for their survival. Different types of vocational trainings, special care and safe environment has been provided to them where they can interact with their peers and get up chance to build up their confidence and self-esteem. NGOs have worked and still continue working for destitute, elderly adults by providing old age homes to them. They are providing them complete medical care and also occupational therapies.

NGOs in Chandigarh worked on different issues and covered almost all the problems responsible for the pathetic conditions of a particular section in the society. There are so many other issues in society on which the NGOs are still working and the NGOs can work further for the betterment of the weaker section of society.

Future Target for NGOs in Chandigarh

For the overall development and people’s socio-economic empowerment NGOs are organising awareness programmes regarding their general rights as a human being but it is not enough. There is a need to provide basic education especially to working women, so that she can speak before going to be getting exploited at work place. NGOs can work on health related problems of women, on awareness of women’s legal rights and laws meant for them, programmes on female infanticide as the survey data of Chandigarh shows that the female ratio per 1000 males is only 829.

One of the most needy section of the society i.e. rag pickers, widows and young girls residing in slums are prone to exploitations. This section needs attention, safety and care. Child labor is the other societal evil, for the complete eradication of that social evil, NGOs have to work hard with full dedication. Child labor can be easily seen in hotels, malls, restaurants and even at homes of the elite class as secondary care taker of their kids, on road side at tea stalls etc.

NGOs need to work for migrant laborers residing in Chandigarh and to aware them about major health related problems such as HIV/AIDS, RTIs, STDs, communicable diseases and make them conscious to concern regarding their health problems and to teach them about the relation between health and hygiene by organising various camps and also to aware them about proper sanitation. Programmes for youth on various issues are required to aware them. Special health programme for industry workers as the workers of different industries suffer from some specific diseases related to exposure with various chemicals and metals at work place.

For the socio-economic development of slum residents, NGOs working in Chandigarh can help the groups of women to start Self Help Groups. For this the NGOs can organise workshops as teaching and training session on hand crafts, home Tiffin Services, stitching, packing of different kinds of goods, home- made eatables that can be easily manufactured and transported and other small businesses or small scale industries.

These ways the NGOs has been worked for the development of society and are being working for further development of the deprived section.

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