NGOs India

NGOs India

NGOs India have been providing the information and basic profiles of Non Governmental Organisations (NGO) / Non Profit Organisations (NPO) / Voluntary Organisations of various states, districts, cities, towns and villages of India. Funding agencies, supports and volunteers use to find out and get the data and information from the NGOs India. You can enlist your NGO to add in this web portal of national NGO network –

NGOs enlisted with Profiles for Information Dissemination and create Network:
You can find out the Information, Listing and Profiles of any NGO from the different states, districts, cities, towns and villages from the state wise list of NGOs of India, that are enlisted in the website. The listing of Indian NGOs can be checked here for information purpose. We do not endorse, ensure the accuracy, credibility and reliability of any NGO enlisted in our site. We have been enlisting and providing information of NGOs for last 2 decade to make information dissemination so the the needy persons, change makers, supporters and NGO management can connect, communicate each other and with other NGOs. The main purpose is to create network among social activists, change makers, NGOs and supporters and bring them in connection with each other to communicate and to share the social development and social welfare tasks, projects, activities, events and programmes so they can move ahead in creative direction to achieve their goals and targets. Most of the NGOs has been working for social development by playing as social change maker  agent role so we support and encourage social activists, social workers and their organisations they are running and working for social welfare and charity purpose. Some NGOs enlisted here may not be in working status or may not be in updated status, so if you find and look for the update or any useful information about the enlisted NGOs or about your NGO then you can send message and update information my mailing at: ngosindia(at)yahoo(dot)com or at contact page or at update page.

Objectives of NGOs India Network

  • To promote Information collaborations and Constructive communication between NGOs, to develop effective partnership with each other.
  • Networking for the access, sharing and dissemination of information collaboration and partnerships between the NGOs themselves and with other organisations.
  • Networking to strengthen community organisations by boosting knowledge base and ability to share information and experiences with strategic allies and other partners in relevant field.
  • Capacity building of grassroot level NGOs, social workers through free online resources and information on a single platform.
  • To serve non-profit organisations, charities, grassroots and community groups, educational and research institutions.
  • Provide Funding Support and useful information about how to get funding, where to get funding from Government, Funding Agencies, Support Organisation, Corporate Social Responsibility Parameters and other useful resources.
  • Support NGOs in their fund-raising efforts and activities.
  • Provide information and resources and guidance to NGOs to run and manage the organisation successfully while following social parameters.
  • Sharing of ideas among NGOs, change maker catalysts and development agents.
  • Avail free, easy and instant access to information to NGOs.
  • Provide more options before Funding Agencies to select the right choice of NGO to support and work with.
  • Provide information regarding NGO Registration and NGO Consultancy.
  • Provide Volunteers to NGOs and collaborate between NGOs and Volunteers.

Indian NGOs

You can find the profiles of NGOs working in different Districts, States and Union Territories in India in various sectors and on various social issues at :